BleakerMUCK: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How do I apply for a character on BleakerMUCK?
A: If you're logged in, type @request and follow the prompter's instructions. You can also email us your application, by following the directions on the application page

Q: How many alts (alternate characters) can I have?
A: As many as you can handle. Five is usually a good number, but some people can do more, while others feel comfortable with less. Never take more characters than you can keep active.

Q: What is BleakerMUCK's building policy?
A: Due to the contained nature of our game, we do not allow public building projects. If you want a place for your character to live, please page one of the wizards and we'll set you up with an apartment (up to three rooms), that you can set as your home. If you have an idea for an in-city area that you think would benefit the game, let a wizard know and there's a possibility your project will be approved. For example, if you're playing a street doctor and you want to start your own clinic, chances are (if we don't have more than a few clinics already) you'll be allowed.

Q: Can I start my own faction?
A: New factions are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Page a wizard with your proposal.

Q: What is BleakerMUCK's policy on TS?
A: If you're gonna do it, do it in private - and be sure that your partner is over eighteen. Simple as that.  

Q: How do I connect to BleakerMUCK?
A:, port 6888. Type 'connect guest guest' to connect as a guest character.

Q: Who are the wizards/staff?
A: Morgan, Mr. Zero, Coraline, Hack and Pandora. If you have any questions, please feel free to page one of us! Type 'wizzes' to see who's on-duty.


Q: If Bleaker is an isolated city, where does it get its food? Water? Electricity?
A: Food is imported from outside sources, which proves that Bleaker isn't the only settlement of its kind. Because the city is so close to the ocean, it's home to many fisherman and their families. Seafood is a staple. Some people keep their own gardens in their homes, nourished by artificial sunlight. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased from Bleaker's bazaar at an inflated price. Fresh water and electricity is provided the Volker Corporation, a company led by a woman named Morgan LaVerne who works closely with Mr. Zero.

Q: If Bleaker doesn't have an organized police force, what about firefighters? Hospitals?
A:  Mr. Zero employs firefighters, but cannot afford to keep a hospital running. If your character is injured, your best best is to seek out a "ripper" - a street doctor. There are several independently-run clinics in Bleaker, some of which are free or funded by the kind souls who live on the upper level.

Q: What is the "upper level"? What is the "lower level"?
A:  The city of Bleaker is comprised of two principal components: an Upper Level supported by a central pillar and a system of smaller columns, as well as a network of districts below it – known as the Lower Level. A commuter monorail system encircles the city, allowing residents to travel between the two levels and their districts. Sunlight on the lower level is scarce due to a number of factors, including but not limited to: pollution, smog, the protective wall surrounding the city, shadows cast by the upper level and billions upon billions of particles in the earth’s atmosphere. Sunlight on the upper level is considerably more prevalent, especially during peak hours, but also restricted by the overall haze that covers the planet.  Inhospitable, desert-like terrain surrounds the city, unbearably cold.

Q: Can my character own his/her own business?
A: Probably. Be sure to include that aspect of your character in the application and talk to a wizard. We might even be able to set you up with a physical place on the MUCK. Of course, if you want to start a detective agency, and we already have two or three, chances are... not so good.

Q: Can my character work for Mr. Zero? The Volker Corporation?
A: Certainly. Just note it on your application.

Q: What's the IC currency?
A: Credits, also called dollarcredits or chits. To make things simple, one credit equals one modern-day dollar.

Q: If I'm playing an assassin, do I have to join the Assassin's Guild?
A: No. Likewise, if you're playing a merchant, you don't have to join the Merchant's Guild, and if you're playing an Entertainer, you don't have to join the Entertainer's Guild. If you're player a slaver, or something associated with the slave trade, however, your character IS required to join the Slaver's Guild. For more information, visit the forums.

Q: What's the MUCK to real time ratio?
A: 1:1. One day in Bleaker is one day in real life. 

Q: What's the Long Walk?  
A: The Long Walk is formal exile from the city, usually by order of Mr. Zero (although anyone is allowed to ask for it).  The exiled is given a rifle with some additional ammunition, a knife, a few days of food and water and is sent into the desert.  Where they go from there is up to them.  They can return to the city after one year of walking, but it's no secret that very, very few ever do. 

Q: What is the Last Day? 
A: The Last Day is the day that the world ended.  The exact date of the Last Day is not known, and if it was mentioned in any historical document, such a document has not yet been found. 

Q: Where are other settlements in the world?  
A: Settlements are sparse, but besides Bleaker in Pacific North, there are also some settlements in California (including New Reno), actual cities in the Isles (Great Britain and, apparently, detatched portions of France) and one colony in the Congo, in Africa.  This is only a partial list, but the full list is not much longer.

Q: What are the Deadlands?  
A: The Deadlands, simply put, are whole regions of land that have been turned into uninhabitable desert, but a combination of factors including hostile and alien wildlife, rare water, less food and Glow Flats (stretches of dangerously radioactive land, often just called "flats").  Not all deserts are Deadlands, and the Merchant's Guild keeps careful track of all Deadlands they encounter.



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