Humanity has survived into the year 2274, but only barely. In a time drifted long past, lost in the ashes of passing generations the grand doom of mankind was played out. Be it war, plague or divine intervention itself there is no doubt that all that remained of life on Earth clung to what they could to overcome what befell them. Now, like rats from tunnels more than the rebirth of a phoenix, mankind has re-emerged...

UPDATE: January 26, 2007

Happy New Year, everyone. Keen eyes will notice that we've majorly retooled the website, anticipating for the changes February will bring. We're adding two new playable races in addition to exciting new areas, factions and plots. Watch this page for details!

Additionally, our programmer has successfully installed a MultiGuest system, which means you'll soon be able to log in and explore our game without having submitted an application. Thanks, Hack.

You can connect to BleakerMUCK through, port 6888. Type 'connect guest guest' to connect as a guest character.



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