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 My teaching HISTORY

    I have been teaching some combination of Human Gross Anatomy, Histology and Embryology since September 2000.    

    I started teaching human gross anatomy as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Howard University, in Washington, DC. Being directly connected to Howard University Hospital, we had a vigorous, busy lab with lots of cadavers (which we embalmed on premises), and plenty of opportunity to work with the hospital.

    After finishing my MS in Anatomy at Howard, I went on to start a PhD at Ohio University, and taught in the Gross Anatomy lab there at OUCOM. But that was short-lived, and for personal reasons not related to OU at all, I left to join my wife, Jennifer, in Lawrence, KS.

Starting in August 2003, my PhD at the University of Kansas was a very rewarding experience. During my two years in residence I was engaged in teaching the undergraduate human anatomy laboratory course as well as the lecture. Due to unforseen unfortunate circumstances, KU Undergrad Biology lacked the faculty to teach anatomy in the summer of 2004 and asked me to do so (60 students, lecture 4 days/week). I then went on to be the instructor for the course again that Spring semester (405 students!), and again the following summer of 2005 (60 students).

After that summer my wife got a promising job offer from the University of Chicago, and shortly after moving, I did too. Callum Ross, course director for the Human Morphology course at the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago was kind enough to hire me as an Instructor. I primarily taught in the gross anatomy and histology/embryology labs, and gave some of the lectures. Perhaps most interesting was the course taught in the summer to MD/PhD students. These students were incredible, insightful and inquisitive and challenging to teach.

During that year in Chicago I taught in the day when I could have a nanny come to our house, and all other parts of the day I spent with my kids. I stayed up nights working on my dissertation, and successfully defended it in July 2006. I interviewed for a position at NYCOM at the time, and have been working at NYCOM as a member of the Anatomy Department ever since.