Baja California Sur

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 In 2001 and 2002 I had the good fortune to conduct some fieldwork with Larry Barnes (LACM) and Gustavo Gascon (Ensenada) in the Sea of Cortes. We traveled along the coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, on the Don Jose, a natural history cruising vessel with just less than 20 others. We held lectures in the evenings about what we had seen and the geological, paleontological, and extant natural history of the area. In the day we watched whales and stopped at different localities to observe nature and in some rare instances, collect fossils for the museum in Mexico. 

Here are some of the photos I took on these trips. I plan to add to them, as well as elaborate on the details of the trip and publications that were derived from them.


Sunset from the deck of the natural history vessel, Don Jose, facing mountains of Baja California Sur from the Sea of Cortes.

Gustavo Gascon Romero, at the time, Coordinator Guias Avistamiento de Ballenas at the Museo de Ciencias, Ensenda. Gustavo, Larry, and I gave talks in the evenings on the Don Jose to the passengers, not just about the extant marine mammal faunas we were seeing each day, but also the fossil faunas we were visiting.



The following are some of the abstracts resulting from these trips presented at meetings:

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Kearin, M. L., Barnes, L. G., Espinosa Arrubarrena, L. A., Applegate, S. P., Gascon, G. A., Aranda Manteca, F. J., Beatty, B. L. 2001. Nueva informacion acerca de la localidad de Desmostylia del Oligoceno Tardio de Baja California Sur, Mexico: los desmostilianos mas antiguos en Mexico y la ocurrencia mas surena en la region del Pacifico Norte.