I am a researcher in the field of applied mathematics, specialising particularly in cell biology. My thesis dealt with a biological experiment, the wound healing assay (scratch assay), and how mathematical models operating on the scales of individual cells or macroscopic populations can illuminate the critical cellular behaviours at play and how exactly they operate in this context. The wound healing assay provides a simplified model of wound healing in order to more directly examine cell mitosis and motility, meaning this problem also carries strong relevance to research problems in wound healing, morphogenesis and the development of tumours/spread of cancerous cells. Information about my past and current publications can be found on my Publications/Conferences page.

I have a great passion for computer simulation of biological phenomena, with expertise in both numerical solution of partial differential equations and direct implementation of cellular automata. I am particularly well-versed in the application and implementation of the cellular Potts model (CPM) and its extensions (the Graner-Glazier-Hogeweg (GGH) model and modifications to it) and always interested in new problems where this modelling framework could be applied. The primary benefits of this approach are that individual cell shapes and physical forces (compression, pressure from neighbours) can be naturally and realistically represented. I am also very interested in cellular automata models in general and how simple sets of underlying rules can predict complex (and often unexpected!) behaviours and simulate real-world phenomena.

I also possess considerable experience working as a tutor and lecturer in a variety of formats both face-to-face and online, and I've continually met success in these positions as is highlighted by my Teaching page. Having also worked as a course administrator, I have become very familiar with some of the workings of tertiary education and the factors involved in the successful provision of high-quality education beyond just effective teaching. My work in this position involved dealing with queries and concerns from prospective and current students in addition to administrative duties like maintaining the student database and co-operating with IT, teaching and other administrative staff to complete necessary day-to-day tasks.