Law and Lawyer Music Videos

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 Lawyers in Love : This is the Jackson Browne classic from 1983. It seems to be more of a vague commentary on complacency rather than being specifically applicable to lawyers. But the imagery of the title is interesting enough.  I show it at the start of class while everyone is finding seats and getting their notebooks plugged in.

 Everyone's a Lawyer : This clip from the "Hollow Men" TV series is a hoot.  I use it when we are discussing the nature of litigation (i.e. "Is litigation a search for truth?")

 Razzle Dazzle - "Chicago" movie  : This is great commentary from the movie "Chicago." It equates the trial process to a circus, squarely addressing the  issue of "trial as search for truth." It's a little long, but it's worth it.
 Don't Download This Song
: This is outstanding commentary by "Weird Al" Yankovic. The song mocks the RIAA's effort to crack down on illegal downloading. Students like it and it works as an starting point for discussion of copyright policy and procedure.

 I Fought the Law : This is an original clip from the 60's.  The sound and video quality is a little rough but there are about 30 go-go dancers in old west sheriff outfits complete with six guns. I use this mainly at the start of class to settle students.  But it could be used for discussion of the way that we glorify crime in society.  It isn't only a hip-hop generation syndrome. Although, here, the convicted criminal expresses regret. There are more versions of this song available: Another Bobby Fuller 4 (better sound quality) ; Green Day (live) ; The Clash (live) Stray Cats (live)  ; Video of crazy Police chase .

 Lawyers, Guns and Money : This is a solo, acoustic version from the late Warren Zevon. The categorization of "lawyers" along with "guns and money" as necessary tools a to get out of a sticky situation ("the sh-t has hit the fan") is an evocative image of the profession. Isn't  it ironic that lawyers are so often categorized as useless money grubbers until they are really needed by someone in trouble.

  Law School Musical : This one is unsettling for nervous pre-law students, but it places real issues on the table for them to consider. Law school can be a sausage grinder. If a student is to come out of law school with her personality intact, she will have to keep her eye on the ball. Preparation helps.  I always feel more comfortable addressing the hard issues rather than avoiding them.