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For Cases Regularly Used in Undergraduate Law Classes 





Leonard v. Pepsico

 This site has the full opinion and links for all three Pepsi Stuff ads, but I have had trouble with it in the past. If it works, you have one stop shopping, but I will also include a la carte links as well.  Case and Ads 

The CaseFirst Pepsi Stuff Ad ; Second Pepsi Stuff Ad ; Harrier Jet Landing ; Harrier Jet Takeoff


      Commercial Appropriation     

Midler v. Ford:

 The Case ; NY Times Article ; 1958 Version of Song; Midler's "Do You Want To Dance" ; The Car Ad ; Midler MP3

By an interesting stroke of luck, if you have the Midler MP3 link open and ready to play at the conclusion of the car ad, the clip of Midler's song will begin at the exact spot where the car ad's sound-alike finishes - so there is a perfect comparison between the ad version and Midler's version.

Some students don't know who Bette Midler is. According to most commentators, this is her most popular song. The Wind Beneath My Wings . I'm partial to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy   .


          Due Process - Legislative Interpretation    

Pennsylvania v. Noel

I usually use this case when I am discussing the legal process of statutory interpretation by the judiciary. The legal principle involved is due process- an allegedly ambiguous criminal statute. So, I suppose it can be used in either place.  I usually introduce it by saying, "Two guys were leaving a bar and they got arrested for drunk driving.  The unusual thing is that they were on horseback." What makes the case even more fun to use in class is that the dissenting justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court wrote part of his opinion to be read as a paradoy of the "Mister Ed" theme song; ("A horse is a horse . . ." ).  I think that there are links for everything that is needed here.

The Case - Including the Dissent; Just the Dissent ; Mr. Ed Video Clip ; Mr. Ed Theme ;

And here is a link to a midi file version of Mr. Ed that you can sing/ read along with. Mysteriously, it plays fine in my classrooms, but does not play on my office computer. So, check it out yourself ahead of time: Mr. Ed Theme midi file


Defamation - Free Press 

New York Times v. Sullivan

The Case ; Text of the Ad ; Defamatory Content ; Facsimile of Ad 


First Amendment Cases (generally)

Primary Documents for First Amendment Cases

  Int'l Infl. of Emotional Distress - Free Expression  

Hustler v. Falwell

Opinion With Link to Compari Ad Parody ; Movie Clip of Supreme Court Argument