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There are a lot of creative people in the legal world.  I have tried to collect here some sources that I have discovered that fall into the genre of "law songs" but would probably fall short of the realm of "popular culture" (very much like my own work on the "Law Lessongs" available at this site).  That is, I believe that these songs are still very much valuable resources in both undergraduate and law school settings.However, their exposure and value is probably limited to the legal community. Therefore, they probably reflect an "insider's culture" more so than a popular cultural view of the law. I hope that you will find them interesting and useful.  If you do, please send me a note at the e-mail address below.  Also please consider sending a note to the songs' creators through their personal contact links.  Click on the links below to be directed to the appropriate site for each song.


International Law

The CISG song (United Nations Convention on Contracts for The International  Sale of Goods) by Professor Harry Flechtner of the University Pittsburgh School of Law:  A catchy tune, an interesting topic presented in an interesting format, an important classroom resource.


Law School Songs

Law School Musical: There are a lot of creative and talented people out there. Some of them end up in law school (for whatever reason) and share with all of us their impressions. Their reactions to law school, expressed in creative ways, fashion a picture of law school for curious undergrads (my students). For the most part, the images are unflattering - which is both scary and confusing to the smart and idealistic undergraduates who see the law as a force for good but are nervous about how law school might change them. I see this is a positive circumstance. The decision to enter law school should not be made lightly. Further, the more that you know about what to expect in law school, the more you are likely to be able to navigate the sausage grinder effect of law school and come out the other end with your sanity and personality mostly intact.

I give kudos and thanks to Owen from the University of Maryland School of Law for his "Law School Musical" video, shared here.

Law School Worryin' BluesThis song was submitted as part of the "One Less Worry" contest sponsored by the Access Group for a $10,000 scholarship. Students had to submit a video that was no longer than 4:00 long on the topic, "What are your worries as a law student?" I will post the winner and some of the honorable mention video in the next few weeks. Some of them have a lot to say to undergrads. But first, recognition goes here to Melissa Mitchel for "The Law School Worryin' Blues." It is cleverly composed and nicely performed. Once again, I think that there is significant value in undergrads considering these issues in advance. It can't help but make them better prepared.

Melissa, if you ever read this you are welcome to come down to UConn to talk to our undergrads anytime. 

My Friends All Got Jobs: This is my title. The composer, Joy Sadaly, left it untitled. This is Joy Sadaly's entry into the Access Group's "One Less Worry" scholarship contest. Joy's song reminded me of the "UPS syndrome" that my fellow law students used to talk about 30 years ago - comparing our financially miserable circumstances as law students to the financial security enjoyed by our high school friends who eschewed higher education for a career in in short brown pants and shirts. It sounds like little has changed in 30 years.

Sophisticated Ivy League Law School Worries :  This is my title.  The composer, Lindsey Meyers, left it untitled. This is Lindsey's submission to the Access Group "One Less Worry" contest. In a lighthearted way, Lindsey touches on most of the basic entering law student concerns - including money, grades, appearances, competition and moral degradation. Thanks to Lindsey for sharing.  And who could't help but admire a cheese-head wearing accordian player?