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Getting Students to Un-Learn What They Think They Already Know About the Law 

Contemplating Teaching Law to Undergraduates

  Popular Culture's Images of Law, Lawyers and the Legal System

Using Music, Movies and Videos in the Law Classroom 

Mark DeAngelis, JD; Assistant Professor in Residence, BLAW; University of Connecticut 

Teaching Law to undergraduates presents a number of unique challenges.  
  • One of the most difficult is overcoming the images of the law that students have already developed as a result of TV shows, movies, comedy routines, popular music, political commentators, parental influence, and any of a number of other sources of misinformation. 
  • Many of these false images are surprisingly durable.
  • In this site, I have collected and shared music, movie and video clips and other popular cultural devices that may be used in class to stimulate discussion and augment classroom presentations to set the record straight.

The concept for this site started as a way for me to organize my "Law Lessongs," video clips and web material so that I could more easily access them during class. Please explore this site and send me your comments and suggestions at the e-mail address, below. I also welcome your suggested and shared resources that I may post here for the benefit of our colleagues and students.

What You Will Find Here: 

  "Law Lessongs" - Law Lessons in Song  

Students learn in varied and diverse ways. Music can be an effective tool in presenting a lesson or providing a durable memory mechanism (think of a pre-schooler learning the ABC's).  Please listen to the songs. Feel free to use them in class.  Also, please send me your comments and suggestions at the e-mail address below.  If nothing else, hopefully they make class more interesting.  Many of theses topics deal with Commercial Law, since that was the class where I needed to generate some interest to combat bland content.

    Law and Lawyer Music Videos   

There are many music videos involving songs with legal themes.  Some are obvious.  Others may require some classroom explanation or context. Some may be just for fun as icebreakers.

        Law Movie Clips       

There are many great law movies, and there are many great scenes from law movies even if the movies don’t make an impression. I have tried to collect a few that have been made available on and elsewhere.

        Video Clips and Subject Links provides a treasure trove of examples of many short videos that can be used to enhance classroom presentations and illustrate real life situations. Also, there are many non-video links here to other illustrative web material.  Links are organized by subject.


           Case Specific Material         

Contracts - Leonard v. Pepsico

Commercial Appropriation - Midler v. Ford

Due Process/Legislative Interpretation - Penn. v. Noel

Defamation/Free Press - NY Times v. Sullivan

First Amendment Cases, generally: Primary Sources                              

Int'l Infliction of Emotional Distress/Free Expression - Hustler v. Falwell  

         Recommended Songs        

Here is a list of popular songs that may be used in class to illustrate various points.  I have included lyrics and links to audio clips. To get the actual songs, you will have to use a legal download service like iTunes.

   "Law Songs" Outside of Popular Culture  

These are songs that are interesting and may be useful in the law classroom.  However, their "popular" appeal is probably limited to legal "insiders."