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I have been wanting to build a car PC for the longest time. I hate having to get out a map and try to figure out how to get from point A to point B, I would much rather prefer to type in my location and then my destination and have a computer instantly compute the fastest/shortest/ most economical route. Or instead of punching in a starting location just have it there for me and then tell me where to turn. Pretty much cut out all the BSA stuff I have learned. 

Whats in My Rig:

  •     Homemade Gateway M275 Tablet PC
    • Centrino  1.6GHz
    • 512MB PNY DDR333
    • 60GB 4300RPM or 7200RPM (haven't decided yet) Hitachi 2.5" HD
    • 14.1" Tablet LCD
    • DVD/CDRW Drive
    • Internal WiFi b Yeah I know that sucks, but i got it covered with a USB dongle and a parabolic AL bowl!
  •  Sima 325 watt power inverter (no audio noise yay!!!)
  • 10" Alpine Type S
  • 250 Watt Kenwood amp
  • LiteON slim external USB slot load DVD burner
  • Zonet 4 port USB 2.0 hub
  • Microsoft GPS receiver
  • 4 neon tubes, located under dash and bucket seats
  • JVC HD Receiver
  • 8.4" Lilliput touchscreen
  • Custom LED light job to most in car lights
  • Custom LED switch panel
  • Custom Netgear USB WiFi b/g satellite dish
  • Dell bluetooth keyboard/mouse/dongle
  • M275 laptop port replicator 

All together it cost around $1000 for all my car upgrades, but about a third of that was covered by my loving family and friends over the last few years.  The rest gradually came out of my pocket during that time period.  $1000 isn't to bad when you consider their is a fully functional laptop thrown in there.   For more information on what I paid you can check out a very detailed spreadsheet here.