48 port Entrasys Switch

Now thats a bunch of ports! 


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Well I definitely can't even take half the credit for this mod, I have to give that to my buddy/cousin Ryodoan. 

You are probably wondering why we modded a switch or even why we have one. Well awhile ago Ryodoan and I started up a LAN gaming group called LANslide Gaming and we were sick of daisy-chaining 4-port network switches together to accomidate the growing number of gamers. It was inefficient and slow. The latency sure could add up when hubs were connected at the top of the tree. So I to browsed eBay for a few months until this little gem hopped out in front of me. I think we paid $40 for the actual switch and then another $20 for shipping; so we got a $2000 retail value switch for around $60, gotta love eBay. It did have some problems when we got it; the firmware was all screwed up, 2 of the three fans were smashed a little, it was scratched up real bad just about everywhere, and finally there were some dents in the side that gave us the impression the switch had met the ground once or twice. Well all of that was remedied in our modding. BTY Entrasys has the best customer service I have ever witnessed.

Well most of the info about the modding is covered in the Bit-Tech forum. My dad took the case into work and used a sand-blaster to take all of the old paint off. Ryodoan covered all of the cutting, painting, and windowing. It's automotive metallic red paint and the pictures don't do justice for how it really looks. I took care of the electrical stuff, putting 12 green ultra bright LED's into it, soldering a molex connector to the PSU, and changing the 80mm fans. Now all that is left is integrating a MIMO wireless router into it and covering up the expansion slots on the front.

 I wonder what Entrasys would think of their switch now!