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Welcome to My Music Page!

Feel free to download and save any files you want here. All new midis/mp3s are tagged with a *NEW* "sticker" on the side. Please note that all MP3s and midis below were transcribed and arranged from scratch.

For anyone new to the site, "X" is my old sequencer nickname as found at vgmusic.com, mmhp.net, omidia.net, and ocremix.org. However, the more common one I now use is Blast Vortex.

The uploading of any mp3s and midis found here is expressly forbidden without either my prior consent or that of the original composer / copyright holder (which naturally supercedes mine). The purpose of this site's contents are merely for one's own listening entertainment. This means that they are not for use in your videos, games, etc. without express permission from either me, the original artist, or the company he or she was working for at that time. Ownership of these pieces is still credited to each individual original artist and the companies that they worked for as noted below.

Covers & Remixes 

Here are some midis that I've done in the past. All midis here have also been posted to www.vgmusic.com and may also be found in the archives there. Likewise, the Mega Man Home Page found at www.mmhp.net also hosts some of my Mega Man midis as well as a slew of arrangements by other artists. Specifically, those may be found here: http://www.mmhp.net/Sounds/MIDIs/

Note that the way midi files work is by sending note data directly to your sound card (as opposed to, say, streaming audio), using pre-installed software synths on your computer to produce the different sounds you hear coming from the speakers. Naturally, this means that they may occasionally sound different from computer to computer. Most of the following tunes were constructed within the MSGS (Microsoft Wavetable) environment germane to Microsoft-based operating systems (i.e. Windows XP, Vista, and 7). For those that have other hardware, note that some of these tunes may sound odd on certain soundcards/software (e.g. the Yamaha XG softsynth), but some might not unless otherwise noted. Those intended for play in such an environment as AWE, XG, or so forth will be noted in parantheses as such (XG) — some of these tunes will still sound fine on any default sound driver, although absent the full effect(s) as originally intended.

That said, enjoy your stay!

NSF Archive

As I've recently (finally) finished some NSF arrangements, I'll obviously be giving them their own space here. Originally I intended to just throw them into the jumble. As I eventually realized that it might make armed conflict look like a schoolyard brawl, I figured giving them their own space, perhaps near the front, might construe me as a bit more sane in the membrane, along with some links to MP3's if some listeners would prefer not to burden themselves the knowledge of figuring out how to play Nintendo Sound Files (I assure you it's quite simple, but to each his or her own, I guess). I have compiled some music-video-like versions of the recordings below as well, which can be located at my following YouTube account, even if they are rather bare-bones and silly. Thanks again for your patronage. :)
If you want to save an MP3 rather than play it back, just right click the link and then left click "Save Target As...", and then you can save it to your computer. Haven't quite figured out how to make that more user-friendly yet. Sorry.

Mega Man PC: The Crorq Chronicles (PC)

The Mechanical Maniacs (2008/2009)
composed by Blast Vortex, Chozo XABY, Darkstomr (2008, 2009, 2017)

An unfinished, self-published PC game remake from years back, the soundtrack we made was never published either. Here's the entirety of it, as arranged by me, in NES and MP3 form. Please note that I'm not the only artist responsible for these tunes: Chozo XABY and Darkstomr composed many of the tracks as well, and were kind enough to give permission to transcribe and arrange them as pure NSF goodness. Also, some careless blunders early on in the creation process left some older versions in various places and videos, but if for some strange reason, somebody prefers these version(s) to the fixed versions, they are included below as well. One more thing... included is an Extra Version of the Final Ending theme: I originally considered releasing this free of anything in the noise channel, meaning there's no percussive sounds in this version. I just thought some people might appreciate that. Enjoy. :)

8-Bit Dwarf: The "Lost" Episode

original NSF arrangement by Blast Vortex (2017)
first composed by Howard Goodall (1988,1989)

A quick 8-bit homage to the Red Dwarf franchise, in honour of its 30th Year Anniversary.

Raptor: Call of the Shadows (PC)

Apogee Software; Cygnus Studios / Mountain King Studios (1994)
composed by Matt Murphy, original NSF arrangement by Blast Vortex (2017)

MIDI Archive

Cave Story (PC/WIN)

Workshop/Studio Pixel (2004); original music by Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya

Dare to Dream (PC/WIN)

Epic MegaGames, Game Syndicate Productions (1993); original music by Robert A. Allen

Front Mission (SFC)

Square Co, Ltd (1995); original music by Yoko Shimomura and Noriko Matsueda

Mega Man / Rockman (NES/FDS)

Capcom (1987); original music by Chanchacorin Manami and Yuukichan's Papa

Mega Man 2 / Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo (NES/FDS)

Capcom (1988,1989); original music by Ogeretsu Kun, Manami Ietel, and Yuukichan's Papa

Mega Man 3 / Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!? (NES/FDS)

Capcom (1990); original music by BunBun

Mega Man 4 / Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! (NES/FDS)

Capcom (1991); original music by Ojalin and BunBun

Mega Man 5 / Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!? (NES/FDS)

Capcom (1992); original music by Mari

Mega Man 8 / Rockman 8: Metal Heroes (Saturn/PS1)

Capcom (1996,1997); original music by Syusaku Uchiyama

Mega Man & Bass / Rockman & Forte (SFC/GBA)

Capcom (1998); original music by Kirikiri-chan, Mizuta Naoshi, and Kaida Akari

Mega Man V / Rockman World 5 (GB/FCM)

Capcom (1994); original music by [artist unknown]

Mega Man X4 / Rockman X4 (PSX/PC)

Capcom (1997); original music by Toshihiko Horiyama

Mega Man X8 / Rockman X8 (PS2/PC)

Capcom (2004); original music by Yuko Komiyama, Akemi Kimura, and Shinya Okada

Raptor: Call of the Shadows (PC)

Apogee Software; Cygnus Studios / Mountain King Studios (1994); original music by Matt Murphy

Sango Fighter (PC)

Panda Entertainment (1993); original music by [artist unknown]

Super Street Fighter 2 (ARC/SNES)

Capcom (1993,1994); original music by Syun Nishigaki and Isao Abe

Tyrian / Tyrian 2000 (PC)

Eclipse Productions, Epic MegaGames (1995); World Tree Games, Epic Games, XSIV Games (2004);
original music by Alexander Brandon (composer) and Andreas Molnar (sequencer)