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I guess I should say a little bit about myself here, shouldn't I? Well, my real name is Brandon Smith and I'm an adult male, human I believe. I'm 5' 8" and weigh more than I know that I should, but having no need to embarrass myself further, I will now be moving along.

I am affluent in a number of musical instruments, though since I found the world of MIDI, I have moved more in the direction of sequenced music then performed music, though I may still dabble from time to time.

For anyone curious, I do go by a number of different nicknames, especially in the sequencing community. My current name and the one I'm sticking with is, you guessed it, the name on the site: Blast Vortex (or sometimes, "blastvortex", since underscores do so annoy me). You may also occasionally find covers, remixes, or even original works under the name of X or perhaps even Overload: these are old nicknames of mine, and the work involved is most definitely mine.
I have many interests. Video games, programming, being a nutter... but the greatest of which is most definitely music. Perhaps the first thing I was ever really any good at, music and my other great passion, video games, have nudged me in the aforementioned direction of video game music.

I do hope that I have done these games some justice in my attempt to cover some of  the tunes I was so fond of as a child. And just maybe, someone can learn to appreciate these games and their music as much as I do. :)
Favorite Music

Well, I'm willing to listen to most any music, although there are certain genres that I'm not overly fond of. I don't typically listen to country, rap, R&B, or opera, but I'm not about to say that they're bad genres: I just don't personally like them as much. My favorite genres are classic rock and alternative, with perhaps just a bit of metal thrown in for good measure.

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