Makeup Remover Reviews

makeup remover reviews
  • (The Removers) The Removers is a spy novel by Donald Hamilton first published in 1961. It was the third novel featuring Hamilton's creation, counter-agent and assassin Matt Helm.
  • someone who works for a company that moves furniture
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Treasures Roxxi variation
Treasures Roxxi variation
My original Roxxi (left) meets her prize: new sister (right) :D As you can see, they're quite different. The differences I have spotted are: *Makeup: My older one has darker, more smudged eye makeup and slightly darker lips. Also, if you look closely, Roxxi #2 has a slightly redder tone to her lips with extra gloss. Yet, she has a thicker pink upper-eyeshadow colour. *Eyebrows and beauty mark: Roxxi #1 has slightly darker paint on her eyebrows and beauty mark. This pic doesn't show it very well, though. The difference is much more visible in person. *Skin-tone: Yup, the skin-tone on the face of Roxxi #1is actually a little more pale.. but the body isn't. Strange. > Again, this is something you can see better in person. *Face? Is it just me or does Roxxi #2's face look longer? Huh. I like it! Gives her a sweeter look. Roxxi #1 reminds me of the Wicked Twiinz, Ciara and/or Diona. She has that angry look about her.. Ok, so my lil' review is done. Now, I'm trying to figure out what look to give Roxxi #1 + find some suitable names for these two beauties. Google time! :D
Purpley Purpleness!
Purpley Purpleness!
I have new hair! Used Splat in Lusty Lavender. There was not nearly enough bleach or dye for my thick hair so it isn't as much or as purple as I wanted, but it all turned out well. I read all the "It's MESSY!" reviews so I did some preparations like putting baby oil in the tub first & vaseline on myself & there was virtually no mess in the bathroom! I found that eye makeup remover got rid of any unwanted purpleness on myself.

makeup remover reviews