Eye Makeup Techniques For Blue Eyes - Creative Make Up Ideas.

Eye Makeup Techniques For Blue Eyes

eye makeup techniques for blue eyes
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    blue eyes
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Step: 1
Roll half a piece of cotton into a 2 inch long strip.

Step 2
Dip the strip of cotton into Living Nightmare brand fake skin and connect the ends of the cotton to form a ring. Cover the ring in fake skin for a second tme and let dry. After the latex is dry poke the middle out of the ring.

Step 3
Attach the ring with the fake skin to your victim's skin and paint the attached ring with fake skin twice more.

Step 4
Apply Metron brand Red and Blue cream makeup to the ring and surrounding area with a small make-up sponge. Apply with a patting motion, blending the colors to develop a brusing effect. with a patting technique . Any maixture of these colors will make a rich bruising color. Darker colors should be placed on the applied ring for the best effect.

Step 5:
Have the victim lay their head back and fill gunshot wound with Cinema Secrets brand Gell Blood. Once dry apply a small trickle of blood under the wound with the same product and a Q-tip. Applying Metron makeup around the eye and lip creates bruising and lends to the overall effect. Having the victim place a small amount of clean cotton under the lower lip creates the effect of a fat lip, completing your illusion.
So here's yesterday's photo. I was goofing around with something I'd seen a photographer use for a shoot for a high profile magazine. It looked a little questionable and I was curious about the results she was trying to achieve with such a low-tech technique. This shot was taken with a thin piece of mesh pulled over the lens. The affect here was very mild, but as I was messing around with it in other lights and situations, I could see the dreamy sort of processing it added to the shots. I'll be sure to give this another go - has potential, I think. As for this particular shot? I'm amazed that, having shot almost 200 self portraits now, I haven't figured out that the hand-held shot rarely does anything but make you look a bit like an alien. If nothing else it makes my nose look even bigger than it is (I mean, that sucker's not exactly button-sized, but it looks about ready to take over my face here) and squashes my face a bit :) What I do like here is that it's another no-frills shot to offset all the hair and makeup and pretty clothes and blah, blah blah. This is me. Maybe an hour after waking up. And sometimes it's nice to be able to see just that. Now - off to figure out today's shoot!!

eye makeup techniques for blue eyes