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blasco make up school
    make up
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Three lovely ladies tagged me this weeked, so here is my personalized "me" photo, along with a few facts about me, Amanda Marie Sullivan <3 I have another one of these in my stream with basic fun maybe Ill go a little deeper this time around... Now if I tagged it! List as many facts as youd like...with a photo of something about yourself! and tag the same number of people as facts you listed! 1. I broke my pinky toe on Jesiah's high chair when he was a baby...I was working out and hit it :( ...thats why it looks all fat! hahaha 2. I am supah dupah good at doing make-up (before I got pregnant I was going to attend Joe Blasco's make-up school in FL.) ...but I SUCK at doing hair! 3. My jewlery that I wear daily are the most important treasures I own, they mean alot to me, as every piece is totally sentimental. Id DIE inside if I ever lose any. 4. I am deathly afraid of lightning. When I was 22 my BFF and I were chillin at my house...she was talking on a landline phone and I was in the bathroom. The second I hit the lightswitch to turn the bathroom light off, lightning struck my house and it was so strong the electricity from the lightswitch traveled through my body. My BFF on the phone, the electricity went in her ear and out her bum :( My bedroom caught on fire, and our computer, fridge and baseboards along the hallways exploded. There were two holes in the side of the house where the electricty entered, and exited the house!!! Not even 2 hours later, after the parametics and fire fighters left, my BFF and I went to a friends house, and lightning stuck a tree directly next to the house. I am forever scarred! 5. I am 30 years old, and a HORRIBLE speller! LOL Im smart in every other area, just not spelling! 6. I am married, but didnt take my husbands last name. I just dont feel like "me" without Sullivan. 7. When I turned 30 last November...I made a vow that my 30's would be the BEST time of my life! I made alot of wonderful lifestyle changes and I am right on track! Sticking to them and doing wonderful with my goals! 8.I am the most horrible procrastinator OMG! I do EVEYTHING last' real! 9. I never ever ever wanted kids...EVER! I always thought this world was way to harsh, and that there were way too many kids in the world already born that needed homes. As fabulous of a mommy as I am, and as much as I wouldnt change it for the world...I meant it when i said Id never have kids, and I am still to this day shocked I had children.....2 kids later! hahahahaaa OOPS! 10. Im thinking about clearing out some of my Kawaii, alot of it zomg! 11. Ive had alot of friends die in my life. My BFF killed herself in 8th grade, and ever since then....its like death has never stopped. You never get used to it :( RIP Scarlett, Brooke, Dan, Nick, April, Marie, and Boobee (and thats just "close" friends) I miss them so much, each one made me a piece of who I am today. And for that I am greatful <3 But losing so many people close to you....that didnt die of "old age" really changes the way you look at life. I am very VERY overly cautious much so that sometimes I think its a burden. 12. Now on a happy note...I LOVE my Flickr friends! You guys make my day! I cant wait to log on and see your new pics and how youre doing! I wish I had more of you on Facebook! Add me if youd like...just make sure to let me know who you are! xoxox search me:
Old Age
Old Age
Model: Cartly; Anh; Bridget Mkup artist: Amali Joe Blasco School

blasco make up school