Hello everybody, SlimKirby here! I am a 23-year-old college student who has a deep and fond passion for video games. My parents say that when I was barely even three-years old, I had already properly learned how to hold a video game controller in my hand, and have strong enough grip to hold onto it when they tried to take it away. Through the many years of my life, and through all the stress, pain, and hard work that have gone along with it, video games have always been there to give me comfort and keep my sanity. Because of this passion, I have decided to share with you guys the great things video games have done for me, and that is the main goal of my Let's Plays. In my Let's Plays, I try to take an informative approach to how I do things, but I also try my best to keep you entertained as well. My favorite video game genres are platforming, strategy, and puzzle games, so you will see mostly those on my channel.

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