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  • Taco Tuesday with Yours Truly Hello travelers of the world wide web of interconnected computers; My name is BLAQUS, and on this fine Tuesday, I have decided to speak about tacos. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen; ITS TACO TUESDAY!!!! What makes tacos awesome? Well for one they are AWESOMEand only $1 on Tuesdays (unless you want kragle on them)so today, I payed a willing inter $3 to buy me three tacos the scary part is when I got there there were no tacos!Apparently the shipment had not come in on time (heretics!)so I had to live through taco Tuesday without tacos It was in this zeitgeist of serendipitous events that I decided to create this requiem for my faulted taco Tuesday; so ...
    Posted Sep 9, 2014, 7:51 PM by Blake Harrison
  • That's Okay, I Wasn't Planning on sleeping tonight anyways It is currently 2:30 am and I cannot sleepAt allInstead, I'm FREAKING TERRIFIED by what I just readI'd show you myself but I don't want to be suedSo snuggle up with your blankie and get those cute sloth pics readyReader descretion is advised,  there are a few potty words in ithttp://imgur.com/gallery/Xseur
    Posted Jul 4, 2014, 2:39 AM by Blake Harrison
  • 4th of July: what really happened? Hello, Readers, humans, and friends alike, As you can see, I have edited my website (look around) What do you guys think? Anywhom, getting to the topic at hand I'd like to share the truth behind the American Independence Day (cue awesome patriotic soundtrack) We all know what happened on July 4th, 1776; The Declaration of Independence was signed, thus ending the Revolutionary War  ... except it didn't ...  the war continued on for a good 7 years until the treaty of Paris was signed on September 3rd, 1783 now time for the interesting partDid you know the Founding Fathers were actually a top secret race of sentient tacos?all except for Benjamin Franklin, who was a bit suspicious ...
    Posted Jul 2, 2014, 3:10 PM by Blake Harrison
  • Sloths You know what's Awesome!? SLOTHS they're super awesome!!! first off, they evolved from these guys: which were bigger than modern elephants!!! just imagine riding one of those glorious beasts into battle you'd be unstoppable did I mention that there is a species of ancient sloth that live underwater!? well, not underwater all the time, but they were like beavers and platypeople  yeah sloths are also awesome because they are professional procrastinators (sloths are probably my spirit animal) another thing that makes sloths awesome is how cute their offspring are D'awww just look at how cute it is :3 that's probably the 4th cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life Anywhom Godspeed and ...
    Posted May 31, 2014, 12:38 AM by Blake Harrison
  • Long live the Superb Owl!!!! so the super bowl is coming up soon, and I don't really pay attention to sports, but here is my prediction of who's going to win:The last 4 seconds of the game; Micheal Phelps of the New Orleans Trojans will have the golden snitch intercepted by Niki Lauda of the San Diego Yankees will score a 5-point layup hoop, thus winning the game (I lost the game btw) but the Yankees didn't score enough  birdies throughout the season, so instead of winning the Super Bowl, They'll win the Stanley Cup instead. 
    Posted Jan 31, 2014, 11:20 PM by Blake Harrison
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