This webspace is here simply to store my files. Feel free to snoop around:

Detonate: First game (worth sharing) I completed. Click the boxes and detonate the fireworks.


Detonate 3: A mediocre attempt at creating a sequel. Detonate 2 was horrible and is now lost forever.

Detonate 3: Test Version 2/14/07

 Shambo: My current project. A board-based, retro-style, strategy game. Will it ever get finished?

Shambo (Somewhat playable) Ver. 0.5 June 16, 2008


Doomed Planet: My most successful game, if that's really saying anything. Entered and displayed at the Gamma256 game-arts festival.

Doomed Planet! FINAL VERSION (requires keyboard)

Doomed Planet! FINAL VERSION .avi video