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Av de Mayo - Buenos Aires

My name is Louis. I am from Chicago and have been living here for 8 years. I have a room for rent at Av de Mayo 791.

This is a large furnished room with cable TV, internet access 24 hrs / broad band, refrigerator, table, chairs, computer desk, tons of closet space and your own private balcony overlooking Av de Mayo in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Includes: heat, gas, electric, fast internet connection and run of the house. Shared kitchen (with microwave, toaster, pots, pans, dishes, etc), terrace and bath with a three-place Jacuzzi.

Your door locks independently from the rest of the house so you have peace when you want it as well as extra security when you are out.
(Pictures of layout below)

* Sheets and towels are included.
* Cleaning service once a week.
* Laundry service available 1 block away (with delivery)

I am also at your disposal for help with finding your way around town, where to go and where to avoid, finding the best shopping spots and activities.

If you are interested - call me at 15-5610-4146 (cell) or +54-11-4342-2290
 E-mail blanklouis@gmail.com

Skype: louisblank 

Feel free to contact some who have stayed with me. They have all given me the OK to post their names and have told me that they would be glad to respond to emails regarding me and the apartment.

Viviana Guzman (San Fransisco)       www.viviana.org     info@viviana.org
Lawrence Horne (New Zeland)     lawrencehorne@gmail.com
Gardner Lloyd Bickford III (San Fransisco)     gbickford@gmail.com
Yasemin Lawson (Maryland)     yasigirl@yahoo.com
Lisa Paradis (Boston)     lisajparadis@yahoo.com
Richard Peddie (Denver area)     lawstudios@comcast.net
Marc Rogers (Great Britain)    mrogers@businessmonitor.com
Ron Kingston (Australia)  ronkingston@hotmail.com
Kim Na (Denver)     kim.na84@gmail.com

    - - - - - - - - (pictures and descriptions) - - - - - - - -

Here's where it's located - at the blue X ( screen shot )

Click here for interactive map


Here is the building. There are many cafes, restaurants and pubs along Avenida de Mayo. The famous Florida street is only 2 blocks down. And the National Museum of Tango is 5 doors down on the same side of the street. San Telmo is 5 blocks away. Puerto Madero only 4 blocks away. The Obilisco (which looks like the Washington Monument) is 5 blocks from here.


This is the room. It's large and includes a flat screen TV with Cable, a computer desk / 24 hr. internet access, large closets, table and chairs, a single bed and nightstand.


The single bed with plenty of light coming in from the balcony. You can see the shared kitchen outside your door. You'll be able to lock your door when you aren't at home as well as the door to the apartment itself.


Your private 5th floor balcony overlooking Avenida de Mayo. You can even see The Pink House (Argentina's version of the White House) two blocks down.


A couple of views form the balcony.


The shared terrace in the back of the building.


A few pictures of the bathroom. Well above the Argentine standard.