We highly recommend that you fill out an application at least two weeks before the application deadline.  This will give your references ample time to write good letters of recommendation!

Application procedure:

1) Fill out the application. The application will ask you to provide the contact information for two people who have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you. The application system will then automatically email your two references with instructions on how to submit their letters to the online application system. Please tell your references to expect this email - it contains a link they will need to submit their letter.  If they do not see the email in their inbox, ask them to check their spam folder.

2) Provide transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable, however, official transcripts may be requested prior to final admission decisions. Email a single PDF file to Carol Melby (carol.melby@virginia.edu) following this file name format:  "Your Name (last, first) Transcript.pdf". Please email the document yourself - do not have your university send the transcript.

3) Submit a personal statement. Submitted through an online form through a link you receive after you confirm your application.