Luke ScottBlanchardstown A versus Shankill - 9 April 2013

Killian, Gavin, Robert, Saoirse and Sean - April 2013

Padraig Dwyer v Brian O'Mullane


1. John Delaney FM, Blanchardstown looking pensive as he writes down his move. Was it really that bad?

2. and 5. Blanchardstown Home match, April 2013 - Blanchardstwon A (Bodley) and Blanchardstown B (Bodley) - this was the only day in the year when we had both the A and B Bodley teams playing on the same evening. It led to a great finale to the season, with everyone meeting up together and sharing chess stories.

3. Luke Scott (13) of Blanchardstown - pictured in an away match to Dublin at Dublin Chess club - to decide which of two teams would get a super promotion to Division 4. Luke looks fairly confident! (he did win a long game). Notice the beautiful chess sets. 

4. Luke Scott (13), Rudolf Tirziman (14) and Danny Dwyer (7) lined up ready to play Dublin.

6. Blanchardstown A Team: Cillian, Gavin, Robbie, Saoirse (highest rated girl in Ireland - under 10) and Sean. Pictured in May 2013.

7. Padraig Dwyer and Danny Dwyer (7) prepare for their key match versus Dublin. Notice the chess boards are a little on the big side for Danny! He could just about reach across to make his moves!

8. Padraig Dwyer meets the Philidor Defence for the first time!

9. Dublin Chess club line up against Blanchardstown Juniors. As you can see, the Dublin Chess club average age (mid 60s) seems to have been rather older than Blanchardstown Juniors (average age 11 years)! Still the Blanchardstown team won 4 -1, without suffering a loss.

End of season 2012/13 matches. 
Blanchardstown  As vs Skerries, April 2013
Blanchardstown Bs' v St Benildus, April 2013


Dublin vs Blanchardstown, May 16th 2013 , Play off match

Result was Dublin 1- 4 Blanchardstown, with Blanchardstown winning promotion to Division 4.

Perhaps our first chess congress in Blanchardstown will look like this!

and here is an example of a blitz [speed chess] game between two of the world's best players!