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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Music Video

After I had made my Prince of Persia music video I realised how much I had liked making it. After hearing "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers and completing MGS2:Substance on my PC in the same week I just had to make another music video.

The Magnusson Device

The overwhelming reaction to Magnusson in Half Life 2: Episode 2, simply reinforces the idea that Valve has done another bloody marvellous job and that their characters evoke real feelings in their audience.

Feelings strong enough to urge players to construct catapult contraptions in Garrys Mod and launch the arrogant professor high into the air.

GTA IV: Star Junction Hit

Just a short I managed to piece together with Rockstar's video editor that is part and parcel of GTA IV for the PC.

Prince of Persia: Spartan Within

This has been done many times by those more worthy than I. But that hasn't stopped me.