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Garry's Mod

If you've got Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source, and/or Half Life 2 Deathmatch then you should either download Garry's Mod 9 or pay a measly $10 for the full version of GMod. Garry's Mod began by allowing you to spawn and pose rag dolls but it has since evolved into something far more than just that. Check out the forums and see what other people have done (poses, comics, contraptions, multiplayer, videos, etc.)

Urban Dead

An absolutely free browser-based MMORPG in which players take the roles of victims or survivors of a zombie outbreak in a fictitious modern city called "Malton". Urban Dead is something you can dedicate as little as five minutes a day to and still enjoy. If you're a fan of zombie apocalypse games/films, I suggest you give it a try.

Picture Wars

A simple game that started on the FacePunch forums and became so popular within its selective fanbase that it has detached from FacePunch and started its own forum. Picture Wars players utilise simple programs such as MSPaint to create and manipulate armies of sprite figures on imaginative landscapes.

The Hypertext d20 SRD

Thanks to the Open Gaming License, Wizards of the Coast published virtually all the rules to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 online on the d20 SRD.


DM of The Rings

If you've ever watched the Lord of the Rings films and asked yourself "I wonder what the DC for climbing up that Mumakil would be?" then this web comic is for you. DM of The Rings takes you through all three films as if it were one big D&D campaign with hilarious results.

Darths and Droids

If DM of the Rings tickled your fancy, perhaps you'd like to have a look at Darths and Droids. It's virtually the exact same premise, only done with the Star Wars saga rather than Lord of the Rings. Very, very funny. I have burst out laughing several times thanks to this webcomic. Summon Bigger Fish.

Gone with the Blastwave

A webcomic detailing the humorous antics of certain Red Army soldiers among the ruins of a post-apocalyptic city. Gone with the Blastwave's visual style is fantastic and I'd recommend you take a look just to witness the art if not the humour.


Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (may contain humorous nudity)

Order of the Stick


Left Handed Toons (by right handed people)

Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes

The Perry Bible Fellowship (may contain humorous nudity)



Penny Arcade

Truck Bearing Kibble



Fear The Boot

For me, Fear The Boot is the ultimate podcast for those that enjoy table-top role playing games. Not only do the hosts explore the thought and method behind role playing games (and a little bit more) but they also provide humour, advice, and useful information relating to the hobby.

Those new to, or unfamiliar with, table-top role playing games should check out their mini-episodes introducing table-top role playing games.

First Mini-Episode (Introduction)
Second Mini-Episode (What is an RPG?)
Third Mini-Episode (Why play an RPG?)
Fourth Mini-Episode (Common Objections)
Fifth Mini-Episode (Getting Started)
Sixth Mini-Episode (The Language of RPGs)
Seventh Mini-Episode (It Takes All Kinds)


Google Chrome

It's bloody fast. The fastest web browser I've tried. Why not try it out?


I had a friend in College who insisted on using Internet Explorer 6 and wouldn't touch Firefox with a ten foot barge pole. I installed it on his computer when he wasn't looking and he hasn't touched Internet Explorer since.

Rocket Dock

It looks flash and doesn't demand a large proportion of your computer's resources. If you want a tidier desktop without shortcuts to all your games, programs and directories creating clutter on it then I advise you get a docking program like RocketDock. Alternatively try ObjectDock by the StarDock guys.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is smart, powerful, user-friendly, and free to download. I don't know how to pronounce "Grisoft" but I do know that I've never been left down by this security software.


I prefer using Winamp instead of iTunes, Windows Media Player, or anything else. I originally downloaded it because it's compact, versatile, and has a whopping selection of downloadable skins for it. I keep using it for the same reasons.

Adobe Reader

You'll need this to read any of the .pdf files on this site.

Paint Dot Net

Can't afford Photoshop? I don't blame you. Try, it's almost Photoshop but not quite. However it is free and open source so you can download and install it without paying a penny.