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Time well wasted posing ragdolls and then giving them silly things to say.

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Not all my GMod comics are as action packed as the image above, in fact most of them were never finished and if they were then they were generally short comedy stories. While you don't have to worry about drawing an anatomically correct Vortigaunt from the correct perspective with flawless shading and attention to detail when using GMod to create scenes, you do have to put a lot of work into posing and composing parts of your comic. Looking back I always see ways I could have improved some of my old comics and some of the best ones I did were just collections of screenshots that, if you looked at one after the other, formed a sequential story.

Anyway I'm hosting my comics on Imageshack simply because I don't want to use all my bandwidth here and Imageshack lets me post thumbnails of all my files. So as long as Imageshack remains relatively stable you should be able to enjoy the comics at any time.

Bear in mind that some of these comics are quite large and so is their file size. I always tried to make sure the "pages" didn't exceed eight hundred pixels in width but some of them were quite tall and so the file size of some comics comes close to 1mb in some cases.

The Chase

This was the first GMod comic I made that wasn't a sequential series of screenshots. I used Paintshop Pro to cut, crop and edit the frames into one large image so it looked more like a real comic strip and less like a series of in-game screen dumps with writing on them. It was mainly just a stand-alone story to try out this new technique of presenting GMod comics.

After I'd done a few comics in this style I wanted them to look even better. Simple modifications such as a flashy title, borders around speech bubbles and filters applied via Photoshop provided better results for later comics (as you'll see) and it's something I carried on to hand-drawn comics when I compiled them in Photoshop later on.


This was a comedy strip "inspired" by the reactions I used to get at college when people found out I didn't have a television. I suppose it was also a sort of dig at Big Brother which I always thought was more popular than it should have been.

Post Apocolyptica

At some point rants and raves concerning the presentation of GMod comics on the Facepunch Studios forums cropped up everywhere. Some users were more fanatical than others, this comic (another which was never finished and didn't really have a great deal of storyline behind it) was made during that period of transition from frame-by-frame screenshots to graphic novel GMod comics as an example of what could be accomplished with Photoshop (or similar) software.

Counter Strike

Some people who are introduced to GMod have only ever played Counter Strike. Then a friend of theirs tells them to try "Garry's Mod" that allows you to pose ragdolls from Counter Strike, Half Life 2 and Day of Defeat. The guy downloads it, asks for help on the forums instead of reading the readme or the online guides, makes one comic, then goes back to CS and forgets about GMod. Others just have no imagination so they make some poses of a Seal Team 6 member taking on fifty terrorists and winning by using bullet time and an FN P90 in each hand while saying "LOL" and "OMG". All this edited in MS Paint. Well I made a Counter Strike comic too. Only this one was to show a friend what counter strike was like as he had never even heard of the game before. Pretty accurate I thought.

The Most Trying of Times

Unfortunately I never finished this comic because I was creating it around the time my access to the Internet stopped. A shame really because it's been so long I can't even remember what it was going to be about. At the moment it's just "guy encounters weird, invisible killer in underground tunnels".