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The most recent site news can be found on the homepage. See the link on the left.


I've removed my The Suffering: Ties That Bind/Gnarls Barkley's Crazy video as it has been muted due to copyright and suchlike.

My videos are dropping like flies. I suppose I'll have to make a load of new ones to replace the ones I lost.


I have added another video to the Videos page. This is a GMod recording.

I have been warned that my The Suffering: Ties That Bind/Gnarls Barkley's Crazy video might be taken down for the same reasons that the Sands of Time/Linkin Park video was disabled.


Added a new image to the  Artwork page: X978-1, a xenos servo skull that has been a mysterious entity in my Dark Heresy campaign since it launched.


YouTube has taken one of my videos (the Prince of Persia Sands of Time/In the End music video) down for copyright reasons. So, of course, I've removed the link from the Videos page.

I won't be pre-emptively relocating the site just yet.

I'm thinking about designing a Dark Heresy page since I've done loads of Dark Heresy stuff and it's much easier to write up than Dungeons and Dragons. The campaign, so far, has been much more successful too.


Added a new section to the Artwork page: Warhammer 40,000 and four drawings to go with it.


Added adventure 6 "To Solling" to the D&D section.

I'm looking at pre-emptively relocating the site to Google Sites.


Added another piece to the artwork section.

The more images I add the more text that I feel should go alongside them. Unless I change the layouts so they look like the Order of the Jedi comic section at the bottom - that would work.


Added adventure 11 "A Helping Hoof" to the D&D section. The title is almost a misnomer but the alternatives I came up with were more cringe-worthy so I dropped them in favour of this.

After the campaign (or when I get enough time to do so) I will polish up these adventures and add some maps to the documentation (adventures without maps? HERESY!).


Added adventure 10 "The Price of Failure" to the D&D section.

I know that there are four adventures missing between "Liberation" and this most recent one but I plan to remedy that some time in the future, but I am currently juggling Dungeons and Dragons, Gorkamorka, and any electronic distractions so I can't give D&D all of my attention for the time being.


Favicon changed. Hosted here instead of at the now-dead "My Favatar" site. Looks horrible in 16 colours. Or rather, it doesn't show at all because Googlepages likes to arbitrarily take away my custom html!


Site-wide image alteration. I'm migrating my images over from my Imageshack accounts onto the web space provided by Google for The Hub. This way I don't have to worry about my image-hosting service being slow or going down.


I've been playing with the artwork section (no real changes) and have added/replaced Elysia's portrait. This looks to be my favourite piece yet. I'm also liking the thumbnail method I'm using now.

A sizeable problem has developed though: the MyFavatar website has disappeared completely. I may look for alternate methods for displaying favicons.


Added "Windy Cross" to the D&D page. I've changed the layout of that page slightly and removed the weather table since it was ugly and I don't feel it's useful enough.


I've finished adventure 5 "Liberation" and have added it, and amended versions of the other adventures, to the D&D page.


Added another image to the Artwork page. I've decided to try making my own thumbnails and not relying on Imageshack. I prefer the new look. With time I may replace all the artwork on the site with this new style.


Finished another picture (go me) and added it to the artwork section. It's another female drawing, I still haven't got the hang of drawing the fairer sex. They're more subtle and have these weird growths on their torso which are really difficult to shade. 


Added several files to the D&D page including adventure 4. Watch this space for more!


Composed and uploaded another image to the Artwork section, this time themed on Guild Wars.


Finished Sten's portrait and uploaded it to the Artwork section. Minor changes to the adventures on the D&D page also made.


Replaced the map of Lerranshire on the D&D page with the revised version.


I realised that I haven't supplied a map with Curse of the Vargouille on the D&D page.


Imageshack fails. 


Added the map of Lerranshire to the D&D page. Also fixed the broken link on that page to the Hydrobadi weather tables which only pointed to the pdf icon image.

It seems GooglePages clears some HTML it finds whenever you update a page or something because I've got to replace the favourites icons again!


Why must I add the html for favourites icons again and again. In particular to the Videos page. It keeps switching back to the Google Pages icon! 


What gives? Yesterday I had to put the html to display favourites icons back into the site and today it seems that my YouTube videos have abandoned ship too.

Well it's fixed it now. It was nothing that a little JavaScript applet from Adobe couldn't fix.


A month later and the site gets an update... ouch.

Uploaded the third D&D adventure in my campaign for very low level characters.


Made a favourites icon for the website. You should see it in the address bar and in your bookmarks list if you save this site in your favourites.


Put my newest music video (Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" to The Suffering: Ties That Bind) on the Videos page.


Even more work on the site. I put my two YouTube videos onto the Videos page and threw a dozen drawings onto the Artwork page. I also added more content to the GMod Comics section, improving the links at the bottom of the page as well as adding more comics.

I've decided to use Imageshack as the host for my drawings as well as the GMod comics as I can use the thumbnails really easily rather than taking up loads of space and slowing down connections to the site with full-sized pictures.


Polished up the Dungeons and Dragons page, turning the icons into links to download the .pdf files. Also added a weather table but it needs revisiting.

Put extensive work into the GMod Comics page, only two comics are up but I put more work into the "background" of the page than is immediately visible.

Google seems to like placing a large amount of empty space either side of its users' content in their web page and blog layout templates. I know you can change them and create your own themes but right now I don't mind it so much.


Started work on the site, added About Me, Artwork, D&D, GMod Comics, Videos and external Links. Started adding content.

Virtually every thing is still under construction.

It just occurred to me that this may turn out to either be very bare or very crowded.