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Setting (Hydrobadi)

The Firmament (revision 1)

This file will help clarify the calendar and global details such as the names of the sun and moons over Clandestine.

Gods and Worship (revision 1)

A list of deities and similar entities tied to my campaign setting. To retain familiarity most of the beings listed are similar to the Greyhawk entities with different names.

Extra Campaign Features (revision 1)

Feats, classes, exotic weaponry, spells, etc. all unique or altered for use in my Clandestine campaigns.

Setting (Maps)

Lerranshire County Map (revision 2)

Created in Campaign Cartographer 3. Lerranshire is a moderately wealthy hillside county mainly inhabited by humans and halflings. It is the setting for the low level Adventures below. Now includes region names, compass, map titles, and scale bar.

Setting (Towns and Villages)

Windy Cross

Windy Cross is a human village on the hills of Lerranshire ruled by an elven baron. Here you will find demographical statistics and descriptions of the most important locations.

Adventures (Chapter One)

The Watchtower

This adventure is suitable for three or more very low level characters. It was designed as an introductory adventure to bring the PCs together and get them on track.

The Elixir

This adventure follows on from The Watchtower. A very low level party can expect to emerge from it unharmed. It focuses largely on exploration and character interaction.

Curse of the Vargouille

This adventure is a short dungeon crawl through a network of caves. It includes light combat, exploration, and traps.

The Wizard's Tomb

Focussing on storyline and foreshadowing, this adventure should get your players worked up about playing the next instalment of your campaign.


The final adventure set in Windy Cross; closure and just rewards are the focus of this adventure, designed for three to four characters of around 2nd or 3rd level.

Adventures (Interlude)

To Solling!

This is a travelogue adventure dealing with the villages encountered on the journey from Windy Cross to Solling.

Adventures (Chapter Two)

The Price of Failure

Can the adventurers withstand the fury of an entire orc war band and protect the villagers of Rockfield from the barbarians' wrath?

A Helping Hoof

Orcs patrol the woods south of Rockfield searching for something. Can the adventurers hunt down the orc leader and find out what the beasts are looking for?


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