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It's Samulus, the halfling thief that everyone wants on their team. Why? Because if he's not on your team then you'll probably wake up dead and broke. Actually, it doesn't really seem to matter whose team he's on, eventually everyone ends up dead and broke around Samulus.

When he's not stabbing his fellow party members in the back or "balancing" the latest treasure haul, Samulus enjoys marksmanship, cheating at cards, lying copiously, and practising his lock picking skills. You have to give it to Samulus, other wise he just takes it.


Maverik is a half-elf archer and woodsman. His personality can be inconsistent at times and it seems he's always battling with the two sides of himself, the human side and the elven side.

If you asked him, Maverik would say his best skill is surviving in the wilderness: tracking his quarry over difficult terrain, toughing it out through all weathers, and protecting the wilderness from the evil that threatens if from time to time.


A human ranger, Mattaius is my alter-ego in the Dungeons and Dragons inspired world I created. He is an accomplished archer and specialises in the longbow when in combat. Mattaius' other qualities lie in the realms of diplomacy, stealth, and getting along in the great outdoors.

It may seem a little big-headed but I find I draw Mattaius quite a lot. Perhaps it is some kind of escapism; illustrating situations in which I could act like my heroic adventurer alter-ego. Or perhaps it is just easier to stick with a character whose concept comes to me so freely.

But it is ever easier to draw a character that is based on yourself than to think out new avenues of creation before you can get the "feel" of a portrait right. So I just draw Mattaius now and again when I don't need a challenging piece to occupy my time.


Sten is a middle aged bard who had what you might call a "mid-life crisis". He work up one morning and decided he would no longer sing for his supper in taverns and inns; instead he would seek out adventures and deeds of his own that he might relate to others in music and song. Sten's new-found adventurous life has breathed life into his once-tired bones, but his wanderlust has not been quite satiated yet.


Elysia is a ranger with a secretive and introverted personality. She rarely talks with others and when she does she speaks in a quiet, reserved fashion. Many wonder why she distrusts others so much, and why she spends so much time in the wilds alone.

Guild Wars

I really like Guild Wars; enough to try a few drawings based on it.

Troll Unguent is a ranger skill that heals your character by application of an ointment made from some part of a troll never designed to see daylight. It is not supposed to be used as sun tan lotion.

Throw Dirt is another ranger skill. The ranger takes a handful of soil and casts it into the eyes of an attacker, effectively blinding them. It works really well in the game but the crudeness and simplicity of its concept provoked the question: why can't other professions use this skill?


Fantasy drawings take up a lot of my time when I'm trying to get what's in my head onto paper. Here are the rest; including the druid known only as "Autumn", the invincible tiefling "Kairik", the orc sergeant "Hashtil Macegrinder", and the wizard "Avik Stormhaven".


The Order of the Jedi

I spent one summer through college as part of a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy clan called "The Order". The character I created for the clan was named Kon Dorn. I made friends with a lot of the other padawans and some of the knights in the clan, it was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately the clan has since liquidated into a gaming forum but during the time it was an active JKA clan I had produced a fair amount of artwork inspired by The Order and its members.

I also made a four issue web comic based on the characters in the clan. Mainly it involved Kon and his master Zathu. At one point I also drew a group portrait of all the padawans in the clan. It didn't come out as well as it could have but the effort at least was well received.

Warhammer 40,000

My WH40k drawings have had more of a Dark Heresy slant to them thanks to me picking up the game recently. It has really inspired me. I'm thinking of illustrating lots of NPCs, items, and plot events.

I love the grim darkness of the forty-first millenium. The setting is so rich with detail and drama. A dystopian future in which technology is alltogether necessary, misunderstood, feared, and held in awe.

I'd really like to do a web comic based on a Dark Heresy sort of storyline. The problem is having the time to do it in since I'm going to be running the game as well.

I could go on and on about the 40k universe, but I won't, since I'd be here forever and I need that time to draw more pictures!

I've seen some stunning artwork by other fans of the setting and while I doubt I'll manage to accomplish what some of them have done, I'm giving it my best.

Playing Dark Heresy does give me a great amount of source material for inspiration though. More than enough for anyone. It'll just take me a while to get used to gothic science fiction drawings instead of fantasy sketches.