The Hub

The Wheel has Sigil, Hogwarts has the moving staircases, Mario has those green pipes. This site has The Hub.


I will, at some point, be taking this site down and uploading everything elsewhere. Google Sites is nice, but it's not the be all and end all of web design, and is geared more towards things I doubt I'll be using.


I doubt I will be adding to my Dungeons and Dragons campaign any time in the foreseeable future. It was simply so long ago that I've lost interest in it.

I also realise that it wasn't really designed as an adventure that someone else could pick up and play with. The adventures that I did write occurred because of the directions that we, the players, took the game.

Still, I might write a few small RPG documents. Don't hold your breath.


Despite my fingers freezing up, I managed to hold a pen steadily for long enough to draw Avik Stormhaven, war-savvy wizard, and add him to the Artwork page.


Updated the Projects page to reflect Arborea taking a back-seat, and Adrantis Apologues taking a more active role.


Added another piece of work to the Artwork page: Hashtil Macegrinder, an orc warrior who led an ambush in one of my D&D adventures.


This probably seems like Schrodinger's April Fools, but I've added a new section to the site: Projects.

Watch that space.


I've done a portrait of "Darius", the acolytes' handler in my Dark Heresy campaign. He can be seen on the Artwork page.


Another video added to the videos page. This time, just something I made with GTA IV's video editor on the PC.


Previous entries have been moved to the new Front Page Archive area. See the link on the left.