I'm a Physics PhD student at the University of California, Riverside. I work in the group of Prof. John C. Baez. I'm currently looking for a postdoc. 
Contact: (my first name) 561 at gmail dot com

We combine tools from modern mathematics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and control systems engineering to study open and interacting systems. To this end I've developed a mathematical framework describing open stochastic systems in which probability can flow in and out of the system and used the framework to provide bounds on the rate of entropy production in such systems. We also study open chemical reaction networks whose dynamics are in general non-linear and provide similar theorems regarding the entropy production or rate of information processing in such systems. Models of this type are used in a diverse set of fields such as biochemistry, ecology, and epidemiology. 

I also work on applying ideas from category theory in more applied disciplines such as systems engineering and data science.

I grew up in Florida, did my undergrad at Columbia in NYC where I developed a machine learning approach to monitoring changes in agriculture using satellite data, moved to Hawai'i for a year where I surfed and built a field cage for a directional neutron detector before starting grad school in California. I play the bass. 

Blake Pollard,
Aug 4, 2017, 12:36 PM