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Article about the lab's research on the teenage brain in The Telegraph magazine

posted 16 Feb 2015, 10:45 by Sarah Blakemore   [ updated 17 Feb 2015, 08:33 by Emma Jayne Kilford ]

The Psychologist review of The Scientific 23

posted 11 Feb 2015, 07:14 by Ashok Sakhardande   [ updated 17 Feb 2015, 04:08 by Sarah Blakemore ]

The Scientific 23 website launched!

posted 4 Feb 2015, 07:43 by Ashok Sakhardande

The Scientific 23 - a website aimed at providing information about the lives of scientists and careers in science to young people (and adults!) has been launched.

So far 16 interviews have been conducted, in each of them the interviewees are asked 23 questions about their time at school, their careers or their lives in general.

The website was funded by the Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award.

The site can be viewed here:

The Lancet review of Brainstorm

posted 22 Jan 2015, 06:49 by Ashok Sakhardande

Jules Morgan at The Lancet: Neurology wrote a review of the Islington Community Theatre's production of Brainstorm.
You can download it here.

Ashok Sakhardande has written an article for Catalyst Magazine about the Teenage Brain

posted 16 Jan 2015, 07:07 by Ashok Sakhardande

Ashok has written an article for Catalyst magazine, a science magazine aimed at high school students.
The article can be downloaded below.

Congratulations to the ICT for their performance of Brainstorm

posted 12 Jan 2015, 02:09 by Ashok Sakhardande

Last Thursday the lab, accompanied by Prof. Steven Woods, saw a performance of Brainstorm by Islington Community Theatre.

The 10-member cast, and the rest of the ICT company, produced a gripping and powerful exploration of adolescence and the developing brain.

The play was part funded by an Arts Award from the Wellcome Trust and the lab's own Kate Mills and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore acted as science advisers.

Details and reviews of the play can be found using the links below.

Emma Kilford won the ICN Departmental Upgrade Prize

posted 23 Dec 2014, 01:58 by Ashok Sakhardande

Congratulations to Emma Kilford who jointly won the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Upgrade Prize for 2014. 

Congratulations to Delia Fuhrmann and Lara Menzies on the birth of their children.

posted 26 Nov 2014, 07:42 by Ashok Sakhardande   [ updated 27 Nov 2014, 04:08 ]

Two members of our research group have recently had children!

Congratulations to Delia on the birth of Emil and congratulations to Lara on the birth of Sebastian.

Sarah-Jayne gave the annual Chancellor's Lecture at Edge Hill University

posted 26 Nov 2014, 07:20 by Ashok Sakhardande   [ updated 27 Nov 2014, 02:20 ]

Interview can be viewed online.

YouTube Video

Emma Kilford won a poster prize at the British Association for Psychopharmacology Summer meeting

posted 13 Aug 2014, 04:42 by Ashok Sakhardande   [ updated 13 Aug 2014, 09:32 ]

Congratulations to Emma for winning one of the President's Poster Prizes at the British Association for Psychopharmacology 2014 Summer Meeting.

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