Current Studies

Cognitive Online Games: Learning in adolescence

The Blakemore Lab, in partnership with a maths teachers and an educational software developer, are running a new study into learning in adolescence and are looking for schools in and around London to partner with.

This project is investigating whether playing online educational games (Cognitive Online Games) can improve young people’s (aged 10-18) reasoning skills. The skills we are studying are relevant to mathematics and the results of this study will contribute to a growing evidence base regarding when the brain is most able to learn certain types of information, with potential implications for mathematics education.

Further information can be downloaded here.

f you work in/with a school and are interested in taking part
please contact us at

Study dates: April 2014- June 2015

Perception of Risk in Adolescence

The Blakemore lab is looking for participants to investigate the development of risk perception in adolescence. We want to learn more about how people perceive risk in everyday life and how perception of risk is shaped by experience as we grow older.

We are recruiting girls aged 12-14 to take part into a study in central London. All participants need to be native English speakers and right-handed.

The experiment will take 2 hours and participants will be rewarded with £10 per hour, reimbursement of travel expenses and a picture of their brain.

Further information can be downloaded (volunteer information) (parent/guardian information).

If you are interested in the study, email us at

Study dates: August-September 2014