FDAV is an anti-virus scanner designed especially for FreeDOS and utilizes the virus-scanning engine of ClamAV.  It provides a minimal command-line interface (for a more powerful command-line interface, use clamscan from the ClamAV package), but was mostly written to provide an attractive text user interface, designed to imitate MSAV in many ways.  It is available under the GPL.


To compile FDAV, you will need the following libraries:

  • libclamav (see the ClamAV page) and its dependencies
  • libnewt (see the Whiptail page) and its dependencies
And of course you will need DJGPP to compile it.  And it uses libtool to find libclamav's dependency libraries.

To-do List

  • Port it to other Operating Systems (I haven't found another TUI based on libclamav)
  • Make quarrantine directory user-definable in fdav.ini
  • Make links functional in the help-file viewer
  • Finish writing the help file compiler
  • Add a spinner to dialogs to indicate that FDAV is still active
  • Add a "Yes to All" button to some Yes/No dialogs

Known Problems

The Help viewer is not fully functional, and the help file needs to be completed


FDAV can be downloaded at http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/util/system/clamav/  and the relevant packages are fdavx.zip (binaries), and fdavs.zip (sources).  fdavx.zip also depends on clamdbx.zip in the same directory, if you don't already have it installed.