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  • Methodolgies: I have developed my projects basing on risk control methodologies, planning and team management like ANDERSEN, ASAP, METRICA, PMI, CMM, PMBOK, OPM3, OPEX, LEAN… 
  • Business Areas: Finally I have developed projects in very diverse sectors of activity like BANKING, INDUSTRY, DISTRIBUTION, LOGISTICS, TELECOMMUNICATIONS… [ Even more ... ]

Software Solutions

  • Business Applications: I am specialist at informatics solutions specially, in enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or based Internet applications (WEB).
  • Programing Languages: Ample knowledge of most programming languages, objects oriented and structured programming like C, COBOL, JAVA, ABAP, PHP, .NET, C#, ... [ Even more ... ]

Technical Infrastructure

  • Operative systems: I have worked with most operating systems and environments like WINDOWS, UNIX, VAX, and IBM-mainframe... 
  • Telco: From my knowledge in Telematics and telecommunications, I am up-to-date in the last technologies like TCP/IP, MPLS, ADSL, and GPRS... [ Even more ...  ]