Family History

The Cordell Museum, named after the great author Alexander Cordell, is  located in Lion Square, Blaenavon and holds a large amount of family history for the local area. The Museum is open daily 10am to 15.30pm except Wednesdays and Sundays.
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Dr Jason Ellis, assistant Professor at University of Nebraska on a business trip in London, took the opportunity to visit Blaenavon recently to trace his family roots.  His interest had been aroused after reading his Great-Grandmother’s obituary from an old  Kansas newspaper which told him that his Great-Grandmother, Ruth Jenkins, was born in ‘Blaenavon, South Wales, England...moved with her family to USA when she was 6 months old.....'
On Dr Ellis’s arrival in Blaenavon he examined  the 1871 census.  Ruth was recorded as being about 6 months old living with her Mother  and Father, Dinah and David a stonemason,  at  11 Ellick Street, Blaenavon. Dr Ellis was overwhelmed to discover the house was still standing and was photographed standing outside his great-great grand parents home. A visit to Big Pit and the Ironworks was undertaken invoking poignant memories as it was probable that David Jenkins may have worked  at the Ironworks all those years ago.