Life Cycle

Life Cycle: Bald eagles will reach sexual maturity at the age of four. At this time they will start going to look for a mate. When mating they go through a courtship to find an eagle. When mating the birds fly to high altitudes and then they lock talons and they started falling but separate right before they hit the ground. Though, there are few cases where eagles have been known to fall all the way to the ground. After mating the female has to wait 35 days of incubation. After this time a female will lay 1-4 eggs per clutch, more commonly it will be 2 eggs. Both parents will be involved with the raising of the chick. After 11-12 weeks the chick will learn how to fly and eventually have to leave the nest. After this period the bird can live up to 30 years.

An adult Bald Eagle with its offspring.

Information and Media Sources: Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife