We are long standing members of the Jacob Sheep Society. Welcome to our pedigree prize winning flock of Jacob Sheep based in Yorkshire. Two and Four horn Jacob Sheep occasionally for sale

We have kept a small flock of Jacob Sheep since 1983 and we love the character and appearance of these fascinating sheep. We enjoy showing our sheep at local shows mainly in Yorkshire and have been extremely successful.

We specialise in breeding good quality, strong and attractive animals and sell a small number of pedigree stock.

The fleeces from our Jacob Sheep are in high demand from hand spinners and with the popularity of natural products becoming even stronger, the Jacob wool whether woven or knitted makes beautiful, stylish and comfortable hard wearing garments such as Jacob fleece throws and Jacob fleece blankets. We have been successful in winning the Jacob Sheep Society Scottish Region Highland Trophy for best wool three times.

Our sheep have access to extensive grass pasture and are fed hay and additional supplementary feed in the winter and at lambing time. Although they cannot be classified as 100% organic, they have natural food and as stress free a life as possible.

Our Jacob sheep meat is very popular - lean but not too lean and with a lower cholesterol than many meats. It cooks beautifully and is very tasty and tender.

If you would like to buy Jacob sheep, then browse our website and give us a ring on 01759 368346

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