Key Safe Thefts

POSTED 7 November 2019


We are warning residents to be on their guard after two neighbouring properties with key safes in Blackwater were targeted by burglars.Between 2 am and 2.10 am on Wednesday, November 6, two suspects have forced open a key safe on the wall of a property in Christchurch Drive. They have used the keys to gain entry to the property and then stole a red leather purse containing cash from the kitchen before leaving. The suspects then went to a neighbouring property and knocked the key safe off the wall. They attempted to use the key to gain access but were unable to get in. The suspects have been disturbed and made off in a vehicle, possibly a silver Mercedes, leaving the key behind.

Key safes are generally a reassurance, and not a concern, however we are concerned that keys safes fixed on walls next to front doors are more likely to be targeted than those fixed round the back of house or in a more obscure location. To protect your home and belongings, consider relocating the key safe to somewhere less obvious and contact the company that makes your key safe and ask how it can be made more secure. We understand that key safes are vital for some people in the community, however some of us might have them as a helpful back-up system for when we or members of our family lose keys. Consider taking the key out when you know you won’t need it, like at night when these burglaries have occurred. To protect your home further against burglary, we would always recommend installing security lights, alarms and CCTV.

If you see any persons or any vehicles behaving suspiciously, call 101 and report it. If you think a crime is taking place there and then, always call 999.