Welcome to Roane County Geocaching!

We're excited to give you a great excuse to explore Roane County via the exciting game of Geocaching. In case you don't already know, Geocacaching is
a high tech treasure hunt using a GPS reciever. We've hidden ten geocaches throughout Roane County from Walton to Reedy and listed them on geocaching.com. All you have to do is register on the parent website geocaching.com, look up the geocaches and go find them. You will need to stamp your brochure with the stamps inside the caches, sign the logbook and above all else - have fun! If you are discovering this game of geocaching for the first time, you really should understand it a little more. The best way to learn about it is to visit geocaching.com and watch the short video on the homepage. Geocaching is a great game that can be whatever you make of it - if you are a competitor, have young children, a retiree, an extreme adventurer or even a puzzle geek - there is something in it for you.

The geotrail was an idea between Paul Taylor (CountryRoads) and Philip Smith (WVAngler) who both have a passion not only for geocaching, but to see Roane County become a geocaching destination. This potential idea was made kinetic when the Roane County Chamber of Commerce agreed to provide funding. 

The Kick-Off Event

On September 4, 2010 we will officially launch the Black Walnut Geotrail. Festivities will begin at 10:00 am at Washington Park (see GC2CG1H). We will have a short ceremony then geocachers will be set loose to begin their 'Cannonball Run' to grab FTF's. Details of the event (i.e., food, games, prizes, resources) are still very liquid so there are two ways to keep updated on this. The first and most important way is to post a "Will Attend" log on the official geocaching.com listing. That way we can update you through announcements that you will receive directly to your email. The second way to keep updated is to check this site consistently, particularly the WVAngler's Journal section. This is an easy and free flowing way I can communicate to you all. 

Caching in Roane County

Much effort has been made by area hiders to place high quality caches across a variety of cache types and themes outside of those hidden specifically for this geotrail. For those icon seekers, Roane County features traditionals, multi-caches, mystery caches, a letterbox cache, an earthcache and a WhereIGo (to be published). Also, this July the first CITO event was held at Charles Fork Lake and it was so succesful in cleaning up trash around the lake and campground that we intend to host this event annually. For the Indiana Jones fan there are caches based on the original trilogy and for Monty Python fans there are numerous caches themed after the famous british comedy. There are unique puzzle/mystery caches, difficult to find micros, kid friendly caches, high terrain hikes and future plans some exciting new caches. For a complete list of current caches located in Roane County, visit this bookmark list.

Additionally, neighboring Jackson and Kanawha Counties have numerous high quality caches for the vacationing geocacher. The future of this geotrail depends on you. Be a good steward of the environment and polite. Also, if you would like to make a donation all revenue will be utilized for upkeep and prizes.


Black Walnut Geotrail

Direct Link to Geocaching.com Maps

Special Thanks to the following sponsors who have donated SWAG, prizes and/or locations for cache placement:

Walton Thriftway
Shadydale Farms
Nichols Graphics
Jack Garrett Ford
Hughes Jewelry
Vu Ja De Vineyards
Roane Vineyards
Gary's Sporting and Pawn
Cunningham House B&B
Arnott House B&B
Allegheny Properties
City of Spencer
Casto and Harris, Inc.
First National Bank of Spencer
Terrell's Metal and Farm Supply
Harris Oil