Revco Freezer Parts

revco freezer parts
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  • deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time
  • Revco Discount Drug Stores (known simply as Revco or Revco, D.S.), once based in Twinsburg, Ohio, was a major drug store chain operating through the Ohio Valley, the Mid-Atlantic states, and the Southeastern United States.
  • Revolting Cocks, also known as RevCo, is an American Belgian industrial rock band that began as a musical side-project for Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc Van Acker and Al Jourgensen of Ministry.
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revco freezer parts - Got Cock?
Got Cock?
Got Cock?
Working on the one-album-a-year schedule with the release of Got Cock?, it may look like Al Jourgensen was using his Revolting Cocks project as the retired Ministry in everything but name only, but this album is a return to form for the absurd Revco, at least in spirit. Don't expect the industrial oddness of their debut album, but take the punk toga party attitude of their breakthrough effort Beers, Steers + Queers and combine it with the slithering, crunchy kind of goth-metal Jourgensen has preferred since the millennium turned, and Bob's your creepy uncle. If the cover art doesn't give it away, the album is as sleaze-obsessed as ever with the Cocks singing the praises of 'Filthy Senoritas' and 'Dykes' while dropping plenty of 'the Cocks are coming to town/Hide your daughter'-type lyrics that pretend this fictional band are as big as Kiss were in their heyday (and lampooning said band's fan club with 'Piss Army' just seals the deal). Reclaiming Dethklok's shtick is a good move, but the final piece of the puzzle for any good Cocks album is the absurd cover, which here is the perfect choice of 2 Live Crew's 'Me So Horny.' Josh Bradford, Sin Quirin, and Clayton Worbeck are the Cocks helping Jourgensen realize his wet dream this time, destroying a set of tracks that are surprisingly more hook-filled than that guy hanging in the dungeon. ~ David Jeffries

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Revco/CVS - Allentown West
Revco/CVS - Allentown West
Store 1234, 4719 W. Tilghman St; opened in late 70s - early 80s, became CVS store 4234 in 1997 (CVS' store numbers were the Revco number + 3000). The last former Revco to relocate, in February 2007. Still currently vacant. The new store, up the road about three miles, also merged in the product and employees of the Lehigh Valley Mall CVS, which closed in January of that year.
Revco photo sleeve, 1997
Revco photo sleeve, 1997
In 1994, SupeRx drugs was acquired by the Revco chain of Twinsburg, Ohio. Although Revco had a limited presence in our area before then, in my consciousness it was little more than a dull, four-year event between SupeRx and CVS...

revco freezer parts