Black RumpShakers

The Directory Of Quality Gentlemen Clubs And Lockdoor Events That Cater To The Tastes Of Black Men


Welcome to Black Rumpshakers. Here you will find listings of strip clubs that feature Black and Hispanic dancers for those who enjoy rumpshakers with more flavor and junk in the trunk.

We will also be adding reviews as we get to personally sample the hottest rumpshaker clubs and lockdoor joints across the country. If you have a club or up coming event please feel free to send your info and a digital flyer if you have one and we will be happy to post it free, for the time being.

Peruse the site, visit the clubs and have a good time because that's what this is all about. And when you get the urge, send us some feedback. I can't promise that we will write back to every email but your opinion is welcome.

Have grown folk fun and respect the dancers and clubs.






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