Summit Refrigerator Model

summit refrigerator model
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summit refrigerator model - Summit Appliance
Summit Appliance Refrigerator W/ Lock - Model FF28L - Each
Summit Appliance Refrigerator W/ Lock - Model FF28L - Each
Features: Capacity 2.5 c.f. . Dimensions 25 inches (height) 18 3/4 inches (width) 18 inches (depth). Defrost Type Automatic . Cabinet Finish White . Door Finish White with front lock . Door Swing Reversible . Shipping Weight 65 lbs. . U.L. Listed . Fully automatic defrost . Reversible door . Front mounted lock . Adjustable thermostat . Energy efficient design . Adjustable shelves . Door storage for large bottles . No internal fans . One piece seamless interior liner. 100% CFC Free . 115 Volts/ 60 hertz . 3 prong grounded cord

81% (14)
Dawn at The Summit - Mt Cootha
Dawn at The Summit - Mt Cootha
Yes more shots from Mt Cootha, this time showing "The Summit" restaurant located next to the lookout (its the building with the lights). Took this with the Pentax K200D and Pentax SMC DA 18-55 AL II lens. This is made up of 9 shots, 3 lots of 3 shot at +/- 2.0 EV, blended using Photomatix Exposure Blending and stitched together using Autopano
Summit Lake
Summit Lake
Summit Lake is on the North shoulder of Mount Evans (14,264'). Summit Lake is at 12,835 feet in a basin shaped by Ice Age glaciers. There are some cool critters that live in the alpine ecosystem.

summit refrigerator model