White bar height table - Round teak coffee table - Antique tea table.

White Bar Height Table

white bar height table
    bar height
  • The height of the bar the stool is recommended for. If the stool's seat height is around 27-29 inches then a bar height of 42 inches or 43 inches is ideal.
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SD - Pool Shark
SD - Pool Shark
Tail Gators Sportsbar Shoot. Strobist info: Lit with speedlights. (Three Canon, One Sunpak). All speedlights fired with PT-04 triggers. Key speedlight 580 EXII Camera Left and up high set manually to 1/8th power, bounced into a silver umbrella. Second fill speedlight (580 EX II) set camera right, shoulder height. Manuually set to 1/16th power, and shot through a white umbrella. Third speedlight. (430 EX) foot mounted and stood on the table right behind our lovely model. Pointed up to bounce into the overhead light fixture giving us that targeted table light. Set to 1/64th power. Fourth speedlight (an old manual Sunpak) set on the floor camera right, shot through a 5 in 1 reflector's white screen and pointed at her legs for fill lighting.
In Progress: Table almost done
In Progress: Table almost done
Artwork is done, for the most part. Now you can see that I am starting the lettering around the edges. I have outlined the letters, then I will paint them in. I outlined everything with a Sharpie, but I realize I should have used one with a finer point. The regular point looks more clunky and obviously "felt-pen". Sigh. I also should not have blackened the bars on the beacons. (Nice alliteration, though.) I might repaint that bit. I don't really like that the achievement has a white background, but I can't think of anything that would look better there at this point, so I guess I will leave it white. I might add some shadowing here and there. Not sure yet. Once I get the lettering done and any final touch-ups, I will varnish it.

white bar height table
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