June survey preliminary results are in!

                                                                                             Photo by Ron LeValley

 Welcome to Audubon California's new web destination for the science and conservation of Black Oystercatchers in our state. We will build content over the coming months (summer-fall 2011). For information on the June 2011 survey
click here.
Black Oystercatcher is a a rocky intertidal obligate shorebird occurring from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska to Baja California, with highest densities in Alaska and British Columbia. Global population is estimated at 10,000-12,000 individuals, however, the status of the species is unknown, particularly in the southern portion of the range (Washington-Baja). Threats include invasive and native predators, disturbance, oil spills, and the effects of climate change including sea level rise, and changes in prey availability.

Rangewide Conservation Plan (FWS and partners, 2007) Includes a wealth of natural history information and serves as the unified platform for understanding and conserving the species rangewide.

Oregon FWS monitoring program
Includes results of five years of citizen science monitoring in Oregon. This program's protocols were adapted for this year's California survey.