Welkom to the Black Ops gamers society. My name is Quinn, and I started the clan to connect gamers. To bond them with an equal interest, COD Black Ops. People don't play with eachother nowadays, they fight for their own good and I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a bond between teammates, so they fight as one group and no individual. There are a few rules if you want to become a member of our clan. You can find them under the name 'Conditions I'. You'll have to follow those rules to become and stay a BOgs member.
(P.S. non-black ops-players can also join the clan)
Then there is a side clan added to BOgs, called the Black Ops circle society or BOcs, wich you'll find under the name 'circle clan'.
This is a closed society for 32 effective PS3 black ops players. Don't try to act like you're a member, otherwise you'll be reported. So please ask me first if you want to join the BOcs or BOgs clans. Then there is also a elite-clan, but these are gamers who are promovated by me to the highest ranks of the BOcs clan, for more info please check 'Elite'
You can contact me on my e-mail, quinten2407@gmail.com or on the PlaystationNetwork as Quince-The-User and you can also visit our Facebook fanpage on https://www.facebook.com/blackopsgamersociety