Getting Started

If you're coming to this page I'm assuming that you are just getting started in genealogy.  Welcome.  I'll briefly outline the steps in tracing your family an below provide some resources for learning more.
  1. Collect as much information as you can from your living relatives.
  2. Record it in some fashion as you'll want to refer back to it as you carry on.
  3. Start searching out records to substantiate your relatives information.  (Birth, marriage or death certificates, licences, census, etc.)
  4. Try to collect and record at least three sources to prove any individual or relationship fact.
  5. Work backward from birth to marriage to birth, supporting that information with other sources.
Using a family tree program to record your data helps you track your collected information and your growing family.  Many people talk about family stories as being the most important thing for them, most of these programs provide notes areas to store these stories.  They also makes it easy to print trees when you need them. 
Please be wary of information or contacts you make over the internet.  Check your facts and don't just assume information fits with your family.
Cyndi's List 
Cyndi Howells maintains the largest collection of genealogy related links on the internet.  In addition to her specific resources for beginners you can find everything else at

The LDS Church and
Don't be afraid to make use of the LDS church's libraries and website.  They have extensive collections of useful information, and make it freely available to anyone who wishes to trace their family history.  Their main internet search facility is at
Below is a video provided by Family Search, more videos can be found on their Youtube page.
Television Programs
The U.S. public T.V. broadcaster created program exploring family history and this web page was created as a resource after the program aired.

Who Do You Think You Are?
This series of programs run on several networks and provide real life examples which are great in giving you examples to solve your own research.  Their websites also provide links to resources: