Ireland Marriage Index

Transcribed from the Marriage index of Ireland for
Protestant records -- 1845 to 1863
Civil registrations -- 1864 to 1892

Below is a table that lists the christian names and reference information
of individuals found in the index with the surname Blackmore.

Note: At the end of each year for civil registration there is an index to marriages under the Army Act.
I glanced at most of these, did not see any Blackmore's, so did not extract those records.
If you can't find someone you are expecting recheck the actual index.

Note(2): I am not making any claims to the accuracy of this extract.
Please recheck any entry to make sure you have the correct information.


N/A Not Applicable
Grey No Blackmore, Blackamore, Blackman, etc. entries found
Green Spelling of last name is not 'Blackmore'