Directories-United States

Biographical Sketches of Richard Ellis.  The First Settler of Ashfield, Mass., and His Descendants. 1773-1800 (see below)
By Erastmus Ramus Ellis, M.D., Detroit, Michigan, Wm. Graham Printing Co., 1888.
Page 319-320. 
Besides the foregoing the following are names of persons in Ashfield with whom Lieut. John Ellis did business between the years 1773 and 1800.  It is probable that most of these persons lived in the Ellis neighborhood, or northeast part of the town:
... John Blackmore, ... Rolin Blackmore, ...

Pioneer Record and Reminiscences, of the Early Settlers, and Settlement of Fayette County, Ohio. (approx. 1810).
By Rufus Putnam, of Chillicothe, O(hio).
Printed: Cincinnati: Applegate, Pounsford & Co. Print, 43 Main Street. 1872.
Page 8, Union Township, By Judge Beaty:
Fayette County -- Its First Couty Officials.  Judge Thompson, C. J., Judge McGarraugh, Gen. Beatal Harrison, and James Mooney, were the first Associate Judges; Jesse Millikan, first Clerk; Aaron Johnson, first Sheriff; Norman F. Jones, first Auditor, and Jesse Millikan, first Recorder.  Jacob Jimison, James Brooks, and John Harrold, first Commissioners; Bereman and Poff, first Editors and Publishers; Robert Robinson, first Assessor; and James Beaty, first Deputy; Jesse Millikan, first Postmaster.  Peter Hefly, Robert Waddle, Pearson Evans and John Evans, first merchants; Robert Casna, first saddler; Zimmerman, first doctor; J. Dickey; first preacher; S. Dempsey, first school teacher; N. Jones, Wade Loofbarrow and brother, and Jesse Millikan built the first mill.  Sampson Dempsey was the first Justice; Doctors Potts, Balridge and McGarraugh, early settlers; Joseph Blackmore and John Evans first tanners.  Wm. Robinson settled on Sugar Creek, in 1802.
Page 114, Marion Township, By Kate Carder:
Nathaniel Blackmore settled in the township in 1820.  He was marker when the township was surveyed in 1840.  Chas. Blackmore emigrated to Big Run in 1820.  His family record is Nathaniel, Joseph, William, Thomas.  Nathaniel's family record is Joseph, Charles and William.  William was in the war of 1812, and represented Fayette County in the Legislature.  Joseph belonged to the 60th Regiment O.V. Austin was not in the war.  Nathaniel, the subject of this article, was lieutenant of an organized company, but was not called out.  Mr. Blackmore married Miss Mary A. Crisp, daughter of Colonel Crisp, of Concord, Ross County.  (See R. C. Pioneer.)

The Boston Directory, July 1849 to July 1850.
by George Adams, Publisher and Proprietor, Boston
Page 74
  • Blackmer Green, druggist, 103 Leveret, house 22
  • Blackmer (Hiram) & Eveleth (John H.), stoves, &c. 5 Railroad block, Lincoln, bds. 43 Tyler
  • Blackmer Holland, stair builder, 16 Causeway, h. at Waltham
  • Blackmore John Thomas, brewer, house Dorchester, c. Broadway.

The Boston Directory for the year 1851, July 1850 to July 1852.
Published by George Adams, Boston, 1851.
  • Blackmar Joseph, Rev. house 12 Oneida.
  • Blackmer Hiram, stoves, &c. 5 Railroad block, Lincoln, boards Harvard, corner Albany.
  • Blackmer Holland, stair builder, 16 Causeway, h. at Worburn.
  • Blackmore John Thomas, brewer, h. Dorchester, cor. Broadway.

San Francisco Directory for the Year 1852-53.
Published by James M. Parker, San Francisco, 1852.
Page 37:
Blackmore, Thomas, board'g, Beal n Fols'm

Chicago, Illinois USA City Directory 1855
Page: 12
Blackmore John, laborer, h. Liberty W. of state

San Francisco City Directory for the year commencing October, 1856.
Containing a General Directory of Citizens, A Street Directory and an Appendix.
Compiled and Published by Harris, Bogardus and Labatt, San Francisco, 1856.
Page 25:
Blackmore Thomas, boarding house, Beal, above Folsom.

Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859
by G.W. Hawes, Publisher and Proprietor, Indianapolis, Indiana
Page 246 -- Madison, Indiana
Madison, is situated on the north bank of the Ohio river, 81 miles south south-east of Indianapolis ... Settlements were founded here as early as 1808. The first sale of town lots was made at public auction on February 11th and 12th in 1811. The first white child born here was Dawson Blackmore, jr., and now living in the city.
Heading The folowing are the names of a number of the earlier settlers of Madison previous to 1820, with the date of their coming:
D. Blackmore, sen., 1810
D. Blackmore, jr., 1812
Page 248
Blackmore D. Jr., Produce and Commission Merchant, Cor. West and Ohio States, Madison, Indiana

The San Francisco Directory for the Year Commencing July 1860.
Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco 1860.
Page 68:
Blackmore, Thomas boarding, S.S. Beal bet Folsom and Harrison.

Tennessee State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1860-'61
By John L. Mitchell, Publisher, Nashville, 1860.
Page 68, Gallatin:
Clerk of Chancery Court, W. H. Blackmore
Page 69, Gallatin - Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Blackmore, Tompkins, McMurry & Co., proprietros Gallatin Cotton Mills.
Blackmore W.H., Clerk and Master Chancery Court, Office Court House.
Page 80, Hartsville - Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Blackmore Wesley, broker.
Page 386, Cotton Mills:
Gallatin Cotton Mills, Blackmore, Tompkins & McMurry, Prop'rs, Gallatin, Sumner.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Published by Adams, Sampson & Company
Page 40:
Blackmar Joseph Rev. House 45 Carver
Blackmer Charles W. painter, 96 Court, boards 8
Blackmer James L. painter, 96 Court, boards 66 Cambridge
Blackmore John, mariner, boards 24 Porter, E. B.
Blackmore John T. clerk, 334 Washington, house 366 Fourth
Blackmore John W. 151 Milk, house 366 Fourth
Blackmur Edward, salesman, 13 Franklin, boards 21 Causeway
Blackmur (Henry), Walker (Andrew J.) & Co. (Mason S. Southworth), umbrellas, &c. 42 Milk

Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1867 (USA)
by R.L. Polk & Co
Page 116, Bridgeport Centre, List of Professions, Trades, etc.:
Blackmore, Horace, carpenter
Page 434, General Stores:
Blackmore & Torrey, Leslie

The Rochester Directory Volume 21, 1870
by C. C. Drew, Rochester, N.Y.
Page 24
Blackmore George W. lawyer, 46 Arcade bds. 83 Joiner
Blackmore J. Harvey, engineer, h. 2 Kelly
Blackmore William H. foreman, h. 88 Joiner

Lawyers' Record and Official Register of the United States: (1872)
Containing Federal Officers of Bureaus and Departments; Foreign Ministers and Consuls; Stat, County and City Officials; Judiciary, with Jurisdictions and Time of Holding Courts; Blank Legal Forms and a Record of Practicing Lawyers Throughout the United States ...
By H. Charles Ulman, Counsellor at Law, President of the United States Law Association. 1872.
A.S. Barnes & Co., Publishers, New York.
Page 931, Record of Practicing Lawyers -- Tennessee.
Sumner County. Gallatin (C.H.)
Blackmore, Jas. W., admitted July 15, 1867, at Gallatin, Tenn.

Southern Loyalists in the Civil War: The Southern Claims Commission.
Directory of Case Files (Claims: 1872-1874)
by Bary B. Mills, Published 1994.
(Headings: Claimant, County, State, Commission No., Office No., Report No., Year, Status) 
Page 52
Blackmore, Elizabeth,   Cherokee?, AL, 7197, 7, 4, 1874, D
Blackmore, Joseph, Gibson, TN, 9470, 975, 3, 1873, D
Blackmore, Joseph, Cherokee?, AL, 6696, 7  1/2, 4, 1874, A
* The Consolidated Index gives the surname Blackmore for these three Claimants; the Geographical Index gives the name Blakemore.
Page 53
Blackmore, William F., Fauquier, VS, 5350, --, 2, 1872, A

The Rochester Directory Volume 23, 1872
by C.C. Drew, Rochester, N.Y.
Page 44
Blackmore J. Harvey, engineer, h 81 Joiner
Blackmore William H. Foreman, h 83 Joiner

The Lakeside annual directory of the City of Chicago, 1875-6.
by The Lakeside Co. Book and Job Printers.
Page 178
Blackmer Orlando C. pres. A. B. & L. Pub. co. 149 5th av. r. Oak Park
Blackmoore Edward, bds 18 S. Desplaines
Blackmore Catherine, wid. John, r. 118 14th
Blackmore Henry, lab. bds. 118 14th
Blackmore John, cabinetmkr. r. 111 Jefferson
Blackmore John, lab. bds. 118 14th

Michigan State
Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1875 (USA)
by R.L. Polk & Co
Page 164, Canton:
Blackmore L, shoemaker.
Page 509, Leslie:
James Blackmore, postmaster
Busieness Directory:
Blackmore James, postmaster and general store.
Blackmore Bros, saw mills

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Arizona Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-5.
By R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser, Chicago / Detroit / St. Louis.
Page 12, Durango, Colorado:
Blackmore R.F., boots and shoes.
Page 44, Alamosa, Col.
Blackmore George L. livery.
Page 781, Livery, Sale and Boarding Stables:
Blackmore George, Alamosa, Col.
Blackmore G. L., Alamosa, Col.

Medical and Surgical Directory of the United States, 1886.
Published by R. L. Polk & Co., Detroit, Mich., 1886
Page 351, Apligton, Butler, Iowa.
Blackmore E L, 194, 1871.
Page 998, Alphabetical Listing of Doctors:
Blackmer B P - page 851
Blackmer F A - page 510
Blackmer George M - page 701
Blackmer John - page 473
Blackmer Rollin C - page 461
Blackmore E L - page 351

Boyd's Directory of the District of Columbia, USA, 1887.
by WM. H. Boyd, Washington, D.C.
Page 214
Blackmar Charles P, clk p o d, 10 Grant pl nw
Blackmar John F, clk pen o, 9 Grant pl nw
Blackmore Abraham, lab, 611 1st sw
Blackmore Frank, clk treas, 730 10th nw
Page 215
Blakemore Thomas M, bkkpr, 1017 H ne.

Grand Rapids City Directory, 1889.
By R. L. Polk & Co.,
Page 185
Blackmar George H, clk G R School Furn Co, res 251 Cherry.
Blackmer Dewitt C, res 198 N Division.
Blackmer Wm, cooper, res 50 Indiana.
Blackmore James E, sec and treas Blackmore Mnfg Co, res 29 W Fulton.
Blackmore Joseph J, pres Blackmore Mnfg Co, res St Thomas, Canada
Blackmore Mnfg Co, Joseph J Blackmore pres James E Blackmore sec and treas, photographic appliances 81 and 83 Campau, tel 956
Page 1104, Photographers' Supplies:
Blackmore Mnfg Co, 81 and 83 Campau.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA Directory for 1890
by James Gopsill's Sons
Page 205
Blackmore George, clerk, h 2645 Waterloo
Blackmore John, driver, h 1922 Brandywine

Denver, Colorado USA City Directory for 1892
by Ballenger & Richards
Page 169
Blackmer David F, salesmand Reinhart Carpet Co, res Homer av bet Agate av and Ruby, Highlands
Blackmore Charles, carpenter, res. Valverde
Blackmore Harry, works Denver Paper Mills Co.
Blackmore S K, flagman City Cable Ry Co, r 1518 Glenarm
Blackmore Thomas, carpenter, r S Evans ne cor Dakota
Blackmore V Miss, clerk, res. The Gilsey

Directory of the Daughter's of the American Revolution, 1898.
Page 579, Deceased Members:
8632, Blackmore, Maria Louise Ewing (Mrs. J.W.), Gallatin, Tenn., March 5, 1896.

Polk's Toledo City Directory, 1899
by R.L. Polk & Co.
Page: 173
Blackmore Edwin, driver City bottling works, res 1719 Lagrange.
Blackmore Ernest, harnessmaker 317 Cherry, res 3201 Cherry.
Blackmore Humphrey J, clk, res west side Starr ave nr Port Clinton rd.
Blackmore Owen, salesmand J B Shepler, res 2257 Jerome.
Blackmore Richard M, sexton 1st Presbyterian church, bds 3201 Cherry.
Blackmore Sarah H, died May 19, 1888.
Page 916 Heading Harnessmakers
Blackmore Ernest, 440 Summit