National Directory of Victoria, Austrailia, for 1866-67
By Butler & Brooke, Melbourne, Austrailia
Page xv -- Albury
Attorneys: S.F. Blackmore
Municipal Council: Mayor, S.F. Blackmore
Page 15 -- Melbourne and Suburbs
Blackmore, E.N., Halifax st, Btn
Blackmore, Mark, waterproof clothing manufacturer, 133 Flinders st west
Blackmore, Mrs., Graham st, San

Wright's Australian and American Commercial Directory and Gazetteer, 1882.
A complete hand-book of trades, professions, commerce and manufacturers in the Australian colonies with lists of the American exporters and manufacturers and traders of British India.
Published by George Wright, New York.
Page 47, Farmers, New Zealand
Blackmore Thomas, Clarkville, C
Page 48, New South Wales
Solicitors, Blackmore S.F., David st
Page 62, Farmers
Blackmore P., Trawalla, Victoria
Page 232, Brewers
Blackmore J.J. Murray st, Greymouth, Westland, New Zealand
Page 282, Educational Establishments
Blackmore Edward, B.A., 100 Hunter st
Page 495, Trawalla, Victoria
Storekeeper -- Blackmore P.
Page 508, Wodonga, Victoria
Attorney -- Blackmore S.F.

The Official Post Office Directory of Victoria, Austrailia, 1869.
Publisher: F.F. Bailliere, Melbourne
Page 50, Crestwick:
Blackmore William Lynn
Page 54, Dandenong:
Blackmore William, sawyer.
Page 86, Genorchy:
Pine William Blackmore, publican.
Page 91, Emerald Hill:
Blackmore T., chbldr., 17 Hotham s
Page 99, Brighton:
Blackmore R., seaman, William st.
Page 223, St. Kildare:
Blackmore Jas., carpntr., Clyde s
Page 228, Beaufort:
Blackmore Phillip, farmer, Shirley.
Page 245, Maldon:
Blackmore John, miner.
Page 316, Richmond:
Blackmore Dd., carter, L. James st.
Page 328, Happy Valley:
Davies Joseph Blackmore, miner
Page 341, Melbourne:
Blackmore M., oilskin clothier, W Flinders st.
Page 379, Alphabetical Index:
Blackmore D., carter, Richmond
Blackmore J., carpenter, St. Kilda
Blackmore John, miner, Maldon
Blackmore M., clothier, Melb (20)
Blackmore R., seaman, Brighton
Blackmore T., coachbr., Emer Hill
Blackmore Wm., sawyer, Dandng
Blackmore W. Lynn, Creswick