Extracts from copies of directories found on Google Books, The Guttenberg Project and at my local library.  Please use the 'search this site' box to find possible relatives and please search out these sources and verify the information.  Each directory has its own use such as verifying location or trade, and is presented from earliest to latest; hopefully, you might find information that will give you additional ideas in searching out your family members. 

Many directories are available through Google Books, you can check search and read the books online through your local Google Books Site:  Google Books US, Google Books UK, Google Books Canada, or Google Books Austrailia.  (After you search for a  book make sure you select "Full View" or "Free Google Books" to see the whole book and not just a sample or preview.)
The directories are organized by country with miscellaneous directory entries below: 




The Hong Kong Directory, with List of Foreign Residents in China, 1859.
Printed at the "Armenian Press", Hong Kong
Page 13 Millitary Establishments, Purveyor's Department
A. Blackmore
Page 41 Alphabetical List of Foreign Residents
Blackmore A., Clerk (Purveyor's Dept.)
(A residence is not listed for A. Blackmore -- perhaps he/she lived on the military base.)